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Questions about Global Missions?

Above all, you have helped us do the work necessary to lay the foundations for the fundraising and sending campaign that will continue to fuel these efforts into the future and into growth.

With your seed money and prayer support, we’ve found out what’s needed and formulated solutions that work. Now, it’s necessary to invite many others to join us as we enter the next phase of this effort to equip SIM USA to continue sending for the next century.

As we looked at what it would take to steadily but modestly grow these new programs and approaches over the next few years, we were able to engage with another strategic consultant because of your investments. This partner has worked with us to develop a case for support and assess the feasibility of raising the funds needed to fuel this work.

Some of you kindly participated directly in this development and connected with our consultants as we began the campaign feasibility study and refined the case for support.

Your honest feedback, thoughtful ideas, and excitement about what the Lord wants to do through SIM in the coming years have energized our entire team about what lies ahead, and you have well-equipped us to pursue this campaign with excellence, thoroughness, and good stewardship.

In the future…

  • Stay tuned for fresh updates as we refine the case for support and our plans for growth based on input from the feasibility study.

Keep reading to be reminded of what we found in our in-depth research, how we crafted new platforms for transformational community, and what’s changing in our digital realm renovations . . .

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