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Questions about Global Missions?

what makes sim unique?

There are many organizations engaged in God’s global mission around the world—each with a unique story and approach to ministry. The following SIM distinctives can help you understand more about us and how we partner with those whom God leads to serve with SIM.

diversity & unity

We are intentionally interdenominational, international, and multiethnic. We believe this expresses the unity of the body of Christ in the world and makes us more effective in ministry.


SIM’s motto is By Prayer because prayer is foundational to everything we do. By prayer, we praise God, seek His direction, request resources, and call upon the Holy Spirit to empower our ministries.


When you join SIM, you become part of a family, and we are dedicated to caring for one another as we bring good news to hard places around the world.


We want to send people to their countries of service equipped to thrive, which is why we have an entire team of people devoted to preparing you for the field. Each SIM worker’s training is tailored to them, but they all include cross-cultural communication, a biblical foundation, and security, among other things.


We are committed to working with God’s Church around the world. We partner with local churches and other missional organizations to proclaim Jesus in communities where people are living and dying without the gospel.


We have been taking God’s good news to hard places for over a century. That means we’ve had a lot of time to learn how to serve effectively and lovingly.

Team Approach

We don’t send people out to serve alone. We believe we are stronger when we work together as teams to accomplish God’s purposes. This approach allows us to support one another and share our gifts and talents to be more effective in ministry.


We are committed to lifelong learning. We practice discipleship, consultative leadership, mutual development, and training as enduring disciplines. We want to see people continue to grow and develop throughout their ministry.


We take joy in seeing people thrive as they serve in their giftedness—whatever that looks like! As we walk alongside you, we can help you discover which ministries and locations may be best suited for you, even if it’s not with SIM.

how will you use your skills to serve god?

Whatever your passion is, there’s a place to serve.

Whether it’s sports, business, art or church planting, we have opportunities to serve around the world.

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