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Questions about Global Missions?

In Tune With God’s Mission

When Ola Sage was asked to perform Rachmaninoff’s “Prelude in C-Sharp Minor” for her eighth grade piano recital at Kent Academy in Nigeria, she was…

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Bridges to the Gospel

In an isolated area encompassing the southwest corner of Angola and the northwest corner of Namibia lives a tribe called the Himba whose lifestyle hasn’t…

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A Happy Birthday Baptism

Celebrating as a church family “What is happening?” asked our 4-year-old in his very high and very loud voice during a recent baptism at our…

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From Here to There

Please be warned that Tia’s story frankly addresses difficult subject matter, including mentions of familial death, sexual assault, domestic violence, and suicide. Hard Pressed, But…

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Celebrating Black History

Since 1976, the United States has designated the month of February as Black History month, a time to acknowledge the contributions of African Americans and…

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Innocence Lost, Jesus Found

“Please, God. Please let him forget about me tonight.” Tia’s infectious, little-girl giggles were once known throughout the neighborhood. She melted hearts with the light…

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