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Questions about Global Missions?

Welcome to a new discipleship journey through the book of Matthew!

Join us as we follow along with Jesus and His disciples, watching and learning as He models how to cross-culturally communicate God’s kingdom and ways.

As we prepare to dive into Scripture together, Chris has prepared a short introductory video to share the main ideas we’ll explore over the coming months. Check it out below, and then join us in prayer as we prepare our hearts for what God wants to teach us through His Word.

Welcome to the first devotional in our series, where we journey with Matthew as our guide, exploring the profound depths of who Jesus is and what He teaches. This exploration is not just academic; it’s a journey that shapes our lives and how we understand our mission as followers of Christ. Matthew’s Gospel serves as an essential foundation for this understanding, particularly as we prepare to grasp the full significance of the Great Commission.

Matthew introduces us to Jesus not merely as a historical figure but as the fulfillment of centuries-old prophecies, the promised King in the line of David. This isn’t just about heritage; it’s about the authority and sovereignty Jesus embodies. Through this lens, every miracle, teaching, and parable takes on a new depth, revealing the nature of His kingdom—a kingdom where justice, mercy, and righteousness reign supreme. 

As we delve into the teachings of Jesus, highlighted by Matthew through five major discourses, we’re being invited into a new way of life. These teachings are the heartbeat of Jesus’ ministry, providing us with the principles and values that underpin the kingdom of Heaven. Surrounding these discourses, we see Jesus demonstrating His kingdom ethics in His interactions with others and revealing His authority through powerful miracles. The teachings and example of Jesus in this context prepare us for our role within this kingdom, shaping our understanding of discipleship.

However, the journey through Matthew’s Gospel doesn’t stop at teaching and miracles. It leads us to the pivotal events of Jesus’ death and resurrection. These events are central to our faith, for they underscore the depth of Jesus’ kingship—a kingship that encompasses suffering, sacrifice, and triumph over death. Through His resurrection, Jesus confirmed His authority over life and death, offering hope and the promise of eternal life to those who follow Him. 

When we arrive at the Great Commission, with Jesus declaring, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,” we stand on the threshold of a monumental task. Yet, this command is not detached from the life and teachings of Jesus we’ve encountered through Matthew’s Gospel. It is, in fact, the culmination of His ministry, imbued with the authority of the King and deeply connected to everything He lived and taught.

Understanding the Great Commission without the narrative and teachings of Matthew would leave us ill-equipped for the mission. The life and teachings of Jesus, as captured by Matthew, are not just background information; they are the essence of the mission itself. They teach us who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him and invite others into this transformative journey.

In this series, as we journey through Matthew’s Gospel, we seek to build a foundation that enables us to comprehend and undertake the Great Commission not as a mere task, but as a continuation of Jesus’ mission on earth. It’s a journey that requires us to immerse ourselves fully in the teachings of Jesus, allowing them to transform us from the inside out.

As we move forward, let’s keep our hearts and minds open to the profound lessons Matthew offers, understanding that our ability to make disciples of all nations hinges on our grasp of who Jesus is and the life He calls us to lead. This is the essence of our mission—a mission rooted in the very heart of the gospel.


Our Father, thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus, to reveal Your kingdom and glory! We hunger to know and follow you more deeply. As we prepare to study your Word, we pray that you will help us better comprehend how you’ve created each of us to reveal you to the world. Please stir our hearts for those around us who are desperate to know you.

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