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What kind of training is needed to become a missionary?

By Jeff W.  ·  2 minute read
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Training is necessary for all roles in life, whether in missions or other types of work. To serve cross-culturally as a missionary requires specific missionary training to be well-equipped to serve God and others in a context different than your own.

Three major types of missionary training are necessary in order to thrive in a cross-cultural setting.

1. Cross-Cultural Missionary Training.

You must have cross-cultural training to be ready to live and minister in a context different from your passport culture. Cross-cultural training can be done in a variety of ways:

  1. Training with the mission organization you are going with.
  2. A local church that has experience in preparing cross-cultural workers.
  3. Organizations that specifically focus on cross-cultural training for missionaries.

2. Language Training for Missionaries.

Language acquisition is vitally important to be prepared to learn the heart language and possibly, a trade language, of the people you are ministering to in your new context. This will help with your missionary work in the location you are serving.

3. Missionary Support Raising Training.

Training in raising financial support to sustain you while serving the Lord as a missionary. This is training almost all missionaries will need.

All three of these are common forms of missionary training that are beneficial to preparing for long-term ministry in a cross-cultural context. There are other types of missionary training that vary depending on each person’s situation and background. Different trainings to become a missionary can include theological training, security training and job-specific training.

As part of the process to prepare individuals for cross-cultural missions, SIM USA makes sure that each missionary has training before they reach their specific location.

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Jeff W.
Deputy Director of Personnel for Missionary Preparation

Served on pastoral staff in multiple roles since 2006. Spent four-and-a-half years in Malawi as a missionary.

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