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ID NumberProject NameCountryYou Can Help
092023-091Awi Medical Outreach - EthiopiaEthiopia
092546-091SIM Ethiopian National Staff Medical ProvisionEthiopia
096058-091Bible Study books - Chichewa - MalawiMalawi
096556-091Christian Education Resources - MalawiMalawi
096454-091Church Leadership Scholarships - MalawiMalawi
096157-091Hope For AIDS - Malawi Master ProjectMalawi
096253-091Hope For AIDS AEC Home Based Care - MalawiMalawi
096255-091Hope For AIDS Orphan Care - MalawiMalawi
096759-091Malawi Disaster ReliefMalawi
096654-091Malawi HOPE for AIDS Prevention ProgramMalawi
062950-091Malawi MiscellaneousMalawi
096853-091Medical Discipleship and Spiritual Ministry - MalawiMalawi
096753-091Mission Advancement Fund - MalawiMalawi
096755-091Missionaries from New Contexts Support Fund-MalawiMalawi
096758-091Outreach and Development in Nanjoka Community - MalawiMalawi
096558-091Pastors Bookset MalawiMalawi
501807-090Restoration Christian Fellowship Church Malawi 2016United States
096357-091Roof a Church in MalawiMalawi
096754-091Sports Friends - MalawiMalawi
096854-091Tiyamike Women Empowerment - MalawiMalawi
049905-058USA Malawi 2019 Crawfordville Wells Team
096658-091Youth Ministry Capacity Building - MalawiMalawi
093216-091Bursaries for Paramedical Personnel - BeninBenin
097530-091CSL Danja Medical Staff Training - NigerNiger
095082-091Kankan Medical LaboratoryGuinea
082375-091Mahadaga Medical Center (CSPS) - Burkina FasoBurkina Faso
094380-091Medical Benevolent FundAngola
501405-090Medical Missions Ministry DevelopmentUnited States
501405-160Medical Missions Ministry Development - PaymentsUnited States
501012-160Medical Office ChargesUnited States
501354-090Medical Office EquipmentUnited States
091898-091Medically Needy Kids In EcuadorEcuador
068046-090Missionary Medical NeedsUnited States
093911-091Ophthalmology Program for Piela & Mahadaga Medical CentresBurkina Faso
088100-091Piela Medical Center - Burkina FasoBurkina Faso
500330-032Retirement Fund - Medical GiftUnited States
501304-090SIM Medical AssistanceUnited States
092788-091Amharic African Bible Commentary & Publication - EthiopiaEthiopia
092942-091Anchor for Generations - EthiopiaEthiopia
092542-091Barnabas - EthiopiaEthiopia
092028-091Bingham Academy Campus Dev. Prelim. Study -ETEthiopia
092547-091Bingham Academy Campus Development 2015 - EthiopiaEthiopia
092018-091Bingham Academy Small ProjectsEthiopia
092768-091Children's Ministry Training and Resourcing - EthiopiaEthiopia
092024-091Coming Alongside the Eritrean Church-EthiopiaEthiopia
092931-091Contextualized Textbooks for Amharic Bible SchoolsEthiopia
092704-091Deborah House - Shelter for Girls - EthiopiaEthiopia
092508-091Disciple Making Pastors Training - EthiopiaEthiopia
092920-091EKHC Discipling Emerging Leaders (Ethiopia)Ethiopia
092934-091Ethiopia ACT - Church PlantingEthiopia
092537-091Ethiopia Kids AidEthiopia
062922-091Ethiopia MiscellaneousEthiopia
092219-091Ethiopia Water ProgramEthiopia
083280-091Ethiopian Media MinistryEthiopia
092943-091Ethiopian PublishingEthiopia
092006-091Evangelical Theological College (ETC) AdvancementEthiopia
092940-091Evangelical Theological College Building Expansion- EthiopiaEthiopia
092007-091Feba Radio UK - SIM Ethiopia PartnershipEthiopia
092830-091Fellowship Bible Studies - EthiopiaEthiopia
092507-091Food Sustainability in Famine Areas - EthiopiaEthiopia
092235-091Forest Fruit & Fodder for Farm Families - EthiopiaEthiopia
092511-091Gumuz Evangelism - EthiopiaEthiopia
092936-091Hidden Abilities EthiopiaEthiopia
092949-091HQ Property Development PreparationEthiopia
092021-091Intervention for ChildrenEthiopia
092402-091Kafa Linguistics - EthiopiaEthiopia
092019-091KIBIR ConsultantsEthiopia
092753-091Langano Elementary School Operation - EthiopiaEthiopia
092923-091Langano Youth & Sports - EthiopiaEthiopia
092510-091Mekelle Ministry Center - EthiopiaEthiopia
092742-091Mekelle Youth Center - EthiopiaEthiopia
092930-091Northern Ethiopia Agricultural TransportEthiopia
092001-091Northern Ethiopia OutreachEthiopia
092950-091Northwest Ethiopian Kale Heywot Church (EKHC) Scholarship AssistEthiopia
092011-091South Omo Unreached People Grp Outreach Dvlpmt - EthiopiaEthiopia
092779-091Special EKHC Scholarships - EthiopiaEthiopia
092764-091Sports Friends - EthiopiaEthiopia
501906-090Sports Friends Team to Ethiopia Dec 2017Ethiopia
088900-091The Voice of New Life - EthiopiaEthiopia
092501-091Training and Bible Distribution for EOC - EthiopiaEthiopia
092013-091Turmi Bible School - EthiopiaEthiopia
092946-091Unreached Areas Leadership Development - EthiopiaEthiopia
092105-091Women At Risk: Vocational Training - EthiopiaEthiopia