We see dynamic, interdependent partnerships and mutually nurturing relationships with Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), other mission organizations and churches. We respond together to spiritual challenges in modern Togo and beyond, beginning with a focus on several Muslim people groups.


  • Leadership and theological training
  • Church partnerships
  • Friendship evangelism and discipleship among the local majority people group, including use of media ministries
  • Partnering with believers from the local majority people to reach and disciple their own
  • Women’s ministry

Communities where He is least known

Nomadic cattle herders

Traditionally nomadic cattle herders of West Africa have migrated into Togo, coming south from Burkina Faso and west from Benin. Well over 100,000 of them are now spread throughout the country, with a larger concentration in the north. Some continue the nomadic lifestyle, herding their cattle over great distances in search of pasture and water.

Others have settled down, often living in small villages around those who practice the same religion. Many still have cattle and herd them over smaller areas, while others earn a living through farming, selling milk and cheese, or running shops. The majority hold to their distinct culture, but this is more difficult for those who live among other people groups and whose children attend school. Togolese tend to marginalize this people group, and there are frequent cases of conflict between the herders and neighboring farmers.

Nomadic cattle herders are extremely resistant to Christianity. Usually, a gospel presentation from an outsider is rejected immediately. However, intentional friendships and the Holy Spirit’s power can break through barriers, as in the case of Amadou, who came to know the Lord through the kindness of Christians during his brother’s illness and eventual death. Before deciding to follow Jesus, those on mission among this people group undergo a long process of developing trust and confidence



Pray for Togolese Christians to develop love and a burden for reaching their unbelieving neighbors.


Pray for communities of Christ followers to be established within least-reached people groups, specifically the Met, the Tchamba, the Bago, the Koussountou, the Fulani and the Lokpa.


Pray for funding for a farming and disciple-making project to assist new Met believers; wisdom during the start of the project.


Pray for maturity in church planting, disciple making, mission outreach and leadership training for ECWA-Togo churches.


Pray for the planning of leadership development initiatives for pastors, elders and missionaries, with particular attention to ECWA’s new Bible institute.

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