We cross barriers to proclaim Christ, living out the gospel among those who live and die without Him.

We disciple people into biblically healthy churches through diverse ministries.

We work together with churches to fulfill God’s mission across cultures locally and globally.

We desire to see Wolof-friendly Bible studies, fellowships and churches established where Muslims would feel culturally comfortable. We believe that reaching the Wolof and Wolof speakers is an important step toward seeing all people groups in Senegal come to Jesus.

Communities where He is least known

The Wolof

The Wolof are the largest and most influential people group in Senegal. With fewer than 200 believers scattered among the five million Wolof in the country, most still think of Christianity as a foreigner’s religion. The SIM team in Senegal is committed to learning the Wolof language and culture, and to demonstrating that it is possible to remain culturally Wolof and still follow Jesus.  Those who do show an interest in Christianity experience intense family and social pressure to remain in Islam.


Readers of Arabic Script

The majority of students attend Koranic schools where Arabic script is taught. Yet, until recently, the Wolof New Testament was only available in Roman script (our traditional abc’s.). Our team has partnered with another mission to publish Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, Luke, and Acts in Wolof, using Arabic script (called Wolofal). In the region of Kaffrine, surveys show that 70% of the men will be able to read these Wolofal Scriptures, as opposed to only 30% who can read the Roman Wolof Scriptures.


University Students

Many university students are enthusiastic about learning to speak English. Both our Dakar and Thiès teams have responded and are teaching high-quality English classes. This is a practical help to the students and also opens doors for relationships and conversations about culture,  and faith.



Pray for many Wolof to hear or read God's Word and put their faith in Christ.


Pray for the teachers on our team to teach not only the course material but also biblical truth.


Pray for wisdom for each leader, and God's blessing on each ministry, that all will be done with love and bring Him glory.

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