By faith, we see:

  • a response in faith to the gospel message from the over 75 million Muslims and others living and dying without Christ in Nigeria.
  • missionary teams in each of the 12 northern Sharia states expressing Christ’s love and compassion in word and deed.
  • strengthened churches with equipped Christians carrying out Christ’s mandate to make disciples in one of Africa’s most influential and populous countries, making a major impact in global missions this century.


  • Proclaiming the gospel, particularly to Muslims in the north
  • Supporting and strengthening persecuted Christians and others affected by oppression and hostility
  • Bringing holistic healing to marginalized and vulnerable communities and mentoring others to do the same
  • Empowering and making disciples amongst the vast numbers of youth in Nigeria
  • Equipping an enthusiastic Church through theological education and other disciple-making endeavors

Communities where He is least known


There are 16 million Fulani in Nigeria. More missionary workers are needed in this Muslim community, which shows openness to friendship evangelism and Christian media. We collaborate in meeting needs for animal husbandry, primary schools and medical outreach to Fulani encampments. Recent attacks by some Fulani herdsmen against Christian farmers have affected attitudes toward this people group. We pray for effective outreach, for Christians to reach out to this community in love instead of retaliation, and for opportunities to support and disciple Fulani believers.

Marginalized and vulnerable communities

Disadvantaged and vulnerable groups need to experience Christ’s love through efforts that provide support and care. SIM Nigeria ministers to youth, orphans, widows and those with disabilities. We look to expand these ministries into the north where limited resources and few trained workers reside. Missionaries work to model the biblical value of caring for human life, to train in caring for people with special needs, to facilitate income generation, to minister to prisoners, and to engage in anti-trafficking.



Pray for the national Church to intensify its efforts to reach Muslims in the north while the door is open (John 9:4), and for more missionaries to join this task.


Pray for millions of Muslims to be receptive to the gospel and for the discipleship of new Christians with a Muslim background.


Pray for the formation of new missionary teams with suitable team leaders to begin ministry in northern cities.


Pray for our internship program to yield lasting fruit for world missions.


Pray for community rebuilding efforts in the northeast, a region impacted by violence.


Pray for peace and stability in troubled regions.


Pray for persecuted believers to endure hardship and practice love and forgiveness.


Pray for effective and expanded ministries to widows, orphans, people with disabilities, the abused, and other vulnerable communities.


Pray for the Nigerian church to experience a powerful, Spirit-led revival.

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