We live in a world permeated by an evil that has invaded and corrupted every aspect of life, leaving mankind separated from the Creator and trapped in sin. We are convinced that the gospel changes everything and sets us free. God has called SIM to help bring this life-changing message to Niger. 

Our vision is to make disciples where Christ is least known. We are convinced no one should live and die without hearing the good news, yet more than 17 million people are living and dying without Christ in Niger. We believe we are called to mobilize His servants to bring the message of salvation to Niger. We are called by God from all corners of the earth to serve as a diverse ministry team.

Communities where He is least known

University Students

Students are open to new ideas and philosophies during their time at university. Those attending the national university are also sometimes frustrated by the lack of available resources, and by conditions that result in many days lost from classes. The Foyer Evangelique Universitaire (FEU) provides a quiet place to study and to access many educational resources otherwise not available to the students. In addition, the FEU hosts special evenings during which students can learn more about a topic of interest, and the gospel is also presented. As a special outreach to women students, a cooking class has been started. The FEU hosts English classes, which are valuable to students and help them develop the skills to understand online resources, which are often in English. Several missionaries have personal Bible studies with groups of university students. Another couple has a Bible study with students from the Flight Controllers Training School. Several churches are seeking to include students in their activities and outreach programs.



Pray for the people living in thousands of towns and villages throughout Niger, where the good news of Jesus has never been heard. The Songhai/Zarma, Fulani, Gourma, Tamajaq, Hausa, Manga, Arab, and Daza people are living and dying without ever having heard the gospel message.


Pray for Nigerien Christians and evangelists living in areas off-limits to expatriates due to security issues. Pray for their safety and for courage in sharing the good news with those living and dying without Him.


Pray for students who visit the university center, that they will hear the gospel and be open to accepting Jesus as their Savior. Pray that the Holy Spirit will speak through the missionaries having Bible studies with students, to make His truths clear. Pray for local churches to actively reach out to university students.


Pray for widows who are helped through the Dorcas Project. Many were left without income or means when their husbands passed away. Pray that the small businesses the women are enabled to set up will succeed, and will provide the women with sufficient income to care for their children and themselves.


Pray for administrative and management personnel for our institutions. This includes directors for CSL, DFC and Sahel Academy, a finance manager for Galmi Hospital, facilities managers for CSL-DFC, Galmi Hospital, and Sahel Academy, and a second treasurer for the SIM Niger office.


Pray for Nigerien evangelists working in very difficult places on very small incomes. Pray that they can find secondary sources of income to provide for their families. Pray for their protection, as they are often the only Christians in the towns where they work.


Pray for patients at our three medical centers, that they will hear the good news and will choose to follow Jesus. Pray for them to be courageous when they return to their villages. Pray that missionaries, evangelists, and pastors can make follow-up visits to former patients who are now believers.


Pray for courage and perseverance for those facing opposition and persecution for their faith.

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