Our vision is to make disciples where Christ is least known.

  • We live in a world permeated by an evil that has invaded and corrupted every aspect of life, leaving humankind separated from the Creator and trapped in sin. We are convinced that the gospel changes everything and sets us free. God has called SIM to help bring this life-changing message to Niger.
  • We are convinced no one should live and die without hearing the good news. Yet, more than 17 million people are living and dying without Christ in Niger.
  • We believe we are called to mobilize Christ’s servants to bring the message of salvation to Niger. We are called by God from all corners of the earth to serve as a diverse ministry team.


  • Outreach: university outreach center (Foyer Evangelique Universitaire), literacy, sports, people group focus, translation, media
  • Community services: Galmi Hospital, Center de Sante de Leprologie et de Fistule, Sowing Seeds of Change in the Sahel
  • Education: training Christian teachers, ESPriT Seminary, Sahel Academy, Maza Tsaye Conference Center 
  • Leadership and services: administrative services, SIMAIR, guest houses, leadership, church-missions relations

Communities where He is least known


Fulani are one of the largest ethnic groups in West Africa, stretching from Senegal into parts of Central Africa. While they have a common language, there are many dialects that can make the Fulfulde spoken in one area almost incomprehensible in another area.

Fulani are traditionally nomadic herders, and while many still are, a significant number are now settled in villages and towns as farmers, artisans and merchants. However, owning cattle is still key to their ethnic identity, and many count their riches by the number of cattle they own. Islam, the most prevalent religion among the Fulani, is also a key part of their ethnic identity. Fulani culture highly values self-control and does not allow any demonstration of weakness.

In Niger, the New Testament is now available in two dialects. There are small groups of believers among the Fulani. Missionaries working with the Fulani people use a variety of tools to share the gospel: radio broadcasts, literacy support, Bible translation, friendship evangelism and the ongoing nurturing of new believers.



Pray for the Fulani who have responded to the gospel, that God will give them courage to remain faithful to Him, despite much opposition from their families and society.


Pray for God to raise up more Fulani to be evangelists to their own people. Pray for God’s protection on those already involved in evangelism and discipleship.


Pray for administrative and management personnel for our institutions.


Pray for patients at our three medical centers, that they will hear the good news and follow Jesus. Pray for courage when they return to their villages.


Pray for Nigerien teachers working in Christian schools. Many of their students are not Christian, so pray that these schools create an open atmosphere to share the gospel with students and their families.


Pray for SIM Niger, as they navigate the security tensions of the Sahel region. Pray that doors will continue to be open so that Nigeriens can respond to the gospel.

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