SIM’s workers and ministries in Mali desire to see relational transformation of communities through intentionally pursuing the lost and increasing the number of growing disciples of Jesus.

Communities where He is least known

The Maures (Moors)

The Maures (Moors) are made up of Saharan and Arab-Berber people of Arab origins. They are the Muslim warrior movement called Almoravide, comprised of the Sanhadja, the Lemtuna, and the Zenetes. This group began around 11th century, and the Maures dominated Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal, and southern Spain. The Maures speak Hassaniya. They live a nomadic lifestyle in tents, and are a closed society, structured into two major groups: the Zaouias of Tolba, who are marabouts (religious leaders), and the Hassans, who are warriors. The White Maures are of Arab-Berber origin, and are the upper class, and the Black Maures, who are descended from the black slaves captured by the Arab-Berber traders, are the lower class. The Maures raise camels and goats. They are also traders, blacksmiths, shoemakers, wood sellers, and griots (people who make music with songs of epic warriors, love, genealogy and history).

The Maures are 100% Muslim, and belong to the Sufi Islamic brotherhood (with mysticism). They practice pre-arranged marriage, and the groom’s father requests the hand of the bride. A Maure woman can never marry against her family’s wishes. A dowry is given to her. The son-in-law can never enter the tent of his in-laws, nor does he share their table or look them in the eye when talking. The parents of the bride can never visit their daughter when their son-in-law is present. Divorce is common. Because of the Maures’ nomadic lifestyle and raids among them, strict customs must be followed when different groups meet. They use different ways to express acceptance, rejection, and their level of involvement and interest, e.g. hand blows mean “I do not believe you,” and a finger in the ear means “I am not interested in the discussion.”



Pray for the Lord to open the hearts of the Maure to the love of Jesus Christ.


Pray for the Lord to destroy the stronghold of Islam, mysticism, and animistic practices among the peoples in Mali.


Pray for discernment, knowledge, and harmony among a church group and another entity who will embark on a vision and survey trip with our team among the Maure people in Mali in February 2018. Pray that our time together is productive.


Pray for the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to strongly rest on the few mature believers in Mali, so they are compelled to boldly share their faith with those who do not know Christ.


Pray for God to increase house church movements in the Niamana area and that believers in these house churches will grow spiritually. Pray that house churches will increase numerically as well.


Pray for the Lord to raise laborers to serve in Mali.

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