SIM Liberia, by faith, sees a body of mature believers who, being transformed by the power of the gospel, go as servants to impact their communities and others for God.

Communities where He is least known

Mandingo (Manya)

The Mandingo people are located in the far northwest of Liberia, near Guinea. They are farmers growing rice, peanuts, beans, and vegetables. Trading is important for them, and many travel far from home for trading purposes. Many Mandingo in urban areas work as shopkeepers or auto mechanics. Today, they are virtually all Muslim; however, they have mingled Islam with their traditional beliefs. The Mandingo belief that spirits are good, evil, or mischievous is derived from Muslim teachings.

Also, Islam approves the use of magic to obtain healing from disease, the prevention of misfortune, and the assurance of prosperity and success. Only a handful of Mandingo Christian believers have been identified, with no indigenous church yet established.



Pray for God to call more missionaries to Liberia, especially to add capacity to our ministries with partner churches.


Pray for Liberian church leaders to be equipped through theological and pastoral training to withstand the onslaught of false gospels that cause confusion and dissension within the churches and society.


Pray for the expansion of ELWA Hospital, to strengthen the healthcare system in Liberia while giving a gospel witness to Liberians who are suffering.


Pray for God to provide abundant resources to support and sustain the ministries of SIM in Liberia.


Pray for peace and stability in Liberia, as leaders elected in 2017 take their places, and that God would provide godly leaders.


Pray for God to call more missionaries to Liberia, especially to add capacity to SIM’s ministries with partner churches.


Pray for peace and stability in Liberia during election processes, and that God would provide godly leaders.

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