By faith, we see:

  • the peoples of upper Guinea having the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus in a way they can readily understand.
  • the Holy Spirit bringing many to salvation through Jesus.
  • a vibrant, maturing Church overflowing with Guineans of all ethnicities, bringing Jesus’ transformation to upper Guinea and beyond.


  • Children and families
  • Youth
  • Outreach and disciple making
  • Leadership
  • Audio media production

Communities where He is least known


Guinea is full of children; 42 per cent of the population is 14 years old or younger. In Upper Guinea, nearly all families are Muslim, although animistic beliefs and practices remain. Most children have access to some schooling, although the quality is low. It is difficult for children to reach higher grades without the support of a literate family member or additional tutoring. Schooling is in French, while children usually speak a local language. Polygamy and domestic violence are common. The frequency of marriage breakdowns or the death of a parent means that many children grow up separated from one or both parents. Pressure is strong from the extended family, and the cost of following Jesus is high. SIM workers, collaborating with local Sunday school teachers, have after-school clubs and science camps during school breaks.


The Fulani are Muslim. Numbering about 40 million across 20 countries of the Sahel and West Africa, Guinea is the only country where the Fulani are the largest ethnic group (41 per cent of the population). Rather than being nomadic cattle owners, many Guinean Fulani are settled farmers, business owners and merchants. Others in Guinea view the Fulani as very religious. Tensions and distrust often stem from political differences. Praise God for calling two missionary families to work with the Fulani in Upper Guinea.



Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare the Fulani to hear the gospel.


Pray for those seeking the truth to encounter Jesus followers, both Guineans and expatriates alike.


Pray for new SIM workers as they live among the Fulani, learn their language and culture, and share the good news of Jesus.


Pray for a peaceful political environment in the buildup to presidential elections in 2020.


Pray for the children’s ministry team as they offer educational support and spiritual truth through after-school camps for primary school children. Praise God for the increased numbers of children participating.


Pray for Guinean Christians seeking to grow the ministry to children. Praise God that some have started after-school clubs in their neighborhoods.


Pray for local Christian teachers and nurses assigned to villages. Pray for grace and strength as they teach large classes with limited resources.


Pray for direction as we plan strategically for the future of the audio media ministry.

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