The peoples of upper Guinea having the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus in a way they can readily understand.

The Holy Spirit bringing many to salvation through Jesus.

A vibrant, maturing Church overflowing with Guineans of all ethnicities, bringing Jesus’ transformation to upper Guinea and beyond.

Communities where He is least known

The Deaf

There are an estimated 72 million deaf people scattered across every nation on Earth, whose primary means of communication is one of the world’s 350 sign languages. Only about 2% of them follow Jesus. Not even one sign language group has the entire Bible in their first language. Guinea’s deaf population (around 27,000 people) mainly uses an assortment of “home signs,” which only family and close friends understand. This hinders them from learning about Jesus in a way they can understand.


Muslims of Upper Guinea

Upper Guinea has been home to the Maninka people for centuries. More recently, people from Guinea’s largest ethnic group, the Fulas, have moved in and now call Upper Guinea their home. Each group is fiercely proud of its language, culture, and religion. Ethnic tensions surface from time to time. Those who consider following Jesus fall under intense family and social pressure to remain faithful to Islam. Despite this pressure, God is working, and there has been increasing interest what the Bible says. Micro SD cards with God’s Good News in Maninka are being widely distributed.



Pray for the Kids’ Club children and their families to be open to the truth about Jesus.


Pray for missionaries who are currently learning a local language.


Pray for isolated believers to find fellowship and have access to God’s Word.


Pray for effective distribution of the radio series, The Way of Righteousness.


Pray for the Lord to raise up godly believers on the university campus and in the workplace, who will love their Muslim neighbors and point them to Christ.


Pray for deaf Christians to gain a vision for reaching the deaf in communities where Christ is not known.


Pray for unity between leaders of various registered and unregistered denominations.


Pray for courage and perseverance for those facing opposition and persecution for their faith.

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