By faith, we are working to see the love of Jesus shared where He is least known, disciples of Jesus expressing God’s love in their communities, and Christ-centered churches spreading the gospel in Ghana among all peoples.

Communities where He is least known

Muslim People of Northern Ghana

The majority of the Sisaala and Dagomba people are Muslim and live in the north and northwest of the country. Many villages do not have a gospel witness. SIM is reaching out to children through Bible clubs, Sunday school and reading groups. Young men are being reached through soccer clubs, and God’s love is being shown to outcast widows. The Way of Righteousness has been translated into indigenous languages and broadcast on local radio. SIM is working alongside local churches to make disciples and equip local believers to minister to their own people.


The Fulani

The Fulani people in Ghana are another predominantly Muslim group. They are migrants who have moved from other parts of West Africa. They have never had a recognized homeland in Ghana. They live in scattered settlements on the outskirts of villages and are often treated as outsiders and viewed with suspicion and hostility. Some remain seminomadic, while others have become more established, employing others to tend their cattle herds. Education rates are very low. SIM has a vision to partner with like-minded organizations to reach the Fulani in Ghana.



Pray for personnel with a passion to join us in our vision for each of our ministry focus areas.


Pray for people to come and form a team to share God’s good news with the Fulani.


Pray for effective outreach to the Sisaala and Dagomba peoples.


Pray for children to be allowed to attend clubs, and that many will respond to the gospel.


Pray for opportunities to partner with others to mobilize the Ghanaian church for mission.


Pray for godly Christian marriages and families, equipped to minister to and disciple others.


Pray for our leadership to be wise and godly, and our services to be helpful and efficient.


Pray for courage and perseverance for those facing opposition and persecution for their faith.

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