SIM Côte d’Ivoire glorifies God in working together as a family alongside the Body of Christ to reach least-reached people, make disciples of all nations and equip them to transform societies. We are looking for people to join our existing team.


  • Theological education
  • Leadership development
  • Radio outreach
  • Church planting and crossing barriers to proclaim Christ
  • Community development
  • Orphan and street children ministry
  • Ministry to women
  • Counseling

Communities where He is least known

The Dioula (Jula) and Malinké (Maninka)

The Dioula (Jula) and Malinke (Maninka) peoples have been Muslim since the 1400s. They had good relations with non Muslim neighbors and tried to convert them to Islam by setting a good example rather than by force.

Today, the more prestigious members of these people groups send their sons to Islamic schools, where the boys become more entrenched in Islamic theology. Like most Muslim peoples of Africa, these groups have maintained pre-Islamic beliefs, which involve amulets, charms and a complex spirit world.



Pray for God to anoint the gospel as it goes forth via radio in the north and southwest of Côte d’Ivoire.


Pray for more wisdom and equipment to establish a new radio station in San Pedro.


Pray for God to raise up prayer teams to prepare the way.


Pray for additional missionaries to join the few who are already working with street kids, the Ivorian Malinke (Maninka) people group and Dioula (Jula) people group.


Pray for strong local churches to be raised up among the Ivorian Malinke (Maninka) and Dioula (Jula).


Pray for a disciple-making movement to emerge in Malinke (Maninka) and Dioula (Jula) homes, villages and even mosques.


Pray for the creation of a project for ministry to orphans, street children and women.


Pray for provision of counseling in Cote d’Ivoire.

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