We glorify God by making disciples of the people in Burkina Faso as we proclaim Jesus Christ and minister to human needs. We also work to equip the local church for growth and partner with local congregations as they minister to people less-reached with the good news.

Communities where He is least known

The Jula

The Jula are an unreached Muslim people group populating parts of Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, and Mali. As Jula is also a widely spoken trade language, it is difficult to give an accurate number of the Jula population in Burkina Faso. Numbers vary from 670,000 to 2 million. Within this number is a cluster of smaller ethnic groups, who are also unreached. The Joshua Project lists the Jula of Burkina Faso as 99.2% Muslim. Islam’s entry into West Africa traveled down the trade routes between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries; the Jula were the traders who absorbed Islam and spread it throughout West Africa. The Jula are proud of their Islamic identity. To be Jula is to be Muslim. Embracing Christian witness is often seen as a betrayal of one’s own people. In Jula, one asks if someone is Muslim by asking if they pray.

The Islam practiced by the Jula contains many elements of traditional African religion: amulets, fetishes, and even sacrifices. These practices are often tied to clans who have trusted in these objects and sacrifices in order to gain power, stay healthy, and reap a bountiful harvest. Jula identity is deeply tied to caste and clan. Clans are hierarchical as family heads carry the most weight in making decisions. The oldest man in the room often speaks with authority, deciding how family resources are doled out and how family amulets and fetishes are passed down. These men serve as gatekeepers to protect the family from the outside world. Any attempts to reach individuals with the gospel without considering the clan structure will be rebuffed.

Pray that the chronological Bible storying groups in family courtyards would reach whole families with the gospel. Pray that heads of families will be transformed by Jesus.



Pray for our English ministry, medical ministry, and Girls Off the Street and Boys Off the Street ministries to demonstrate Christ’s love in ways that transform lives.


Pray for the Fulani, whose traditional lifestyles are being challenged and changed by modernity. Pray that in the midst of these transitions, the Holy Spirit will transform whole communities, turning them to follow Jesus, and raising up godly church and community leaders.


Pray for the Burkina church as it matures. Pray that SIM workers will wisely help build capacity in Burkinabe leadership and humbly follow the lead of Burkinabe colleagues.


Pray for insight for theological educators in how to teach in contextualized and life-changing ways.


Pray for wisdom and discernment as we restructure our medical ministries to improve.

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