In a spirit of collaboration, we see Benin churches becoming mature, missional, and dynamic, filled with disciples obedient to the Word of God, imitators of Christ, dependent on the Holy Spirit, and full of compassion. In unity, these disciples of all ages serve according to their gifts for the glory of God.

Communities where He is least known

Radio Listeners

Radio is a popular form of communication in Benin, because it is easy to access and does not require literacy. It is inexpensive to operate, relatively inexpensive to own, and often reaches over longer or more inhospitable distances than either print or television media. People also tend to perceive what they hear via the radio as official, true, and important.

SIM and the local church have been reaching communities in Benin over the radio for more than 25 years. At least 1,150 new messages across 18 different languages are recorded in our local studio each year. These messages are then collectively broadcast over 7,000 times per year via a number of different national and community radio stations. Our local radio coordinators and committees then follow-up with interested listeners through phone calls, visits, and distribution of Bible study booklets.

Recently, there has been a renewed emphasis on making disciples in predominately Muslim villages in the Weno, Lokpa, Yom, Bariba, Fulani, Ditammari, Ifè, and Xwéda language areas. Several of the radio coordinators from these language groups have received training to this effect.

Seeking a person of peace in villages is the key to creating meaningful, lasting relationships and affords the opportunity to talk about Christ. One of our radio workers recounts:

“We made contact with a ‘woman of peace’ who has a thirst for the Word of God. This woman testifies that her village was hostile to the gospel, and today many misfortunes are falling on them. She recognizes that it is only Jesus Christ who can be the solution for her village and not Islam, to which they have long been attached. She says that she has formed a secret group ready for Discovery Bible Studies.”



Pray for the pastors and radio coordinators who are involved in Discovery Bible Studies. Pray that God will direct them to people of peace and that appropriate meeting places can be found.


Pray for our radio speakers, that God will guide and help them as they prepare new messages; pray for more workers for this ministry.


Pray for our Bible translation teams, who daily need God's wisdom and guidance.


Pray for God to protect the nation and His Church against the increase and threats of Islam.

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