In a spirit of collaboration, we see Benin churches becoming mature, missional, dynamic, filled with disciples obedient to the Word of God, imitators of Christ, dependent on the Holy Spirit and full of compassion. In unity, these disciples of all ages serve according to their gifts for the glory of God.


  • Bible translation and literacy in nine languages
  • Radio outreach across 19 different languages
  • Evangelism through training and discipleship in Muslim communities
  • Medical work
  • Theological education
  • General education
  • Leadership development

Communities where He is least known


The Waama people are located primarily in Benin’s northwestern province and number around 117,000. Natitingou is their cultural center, but a smaller group of Waama is found across the border in northern Togo.

The Waama are subsistence farmers, using basic agricultural methods. Corn, yams, bananas and peanuts are grown for personal use, and coffee, cocoa and cotton are produced mainly for export. Often, they keep cattle for their hides and manure, but the animals are almost never milked or consumed for meat. Cattle are also used in sacrifices and as marriage payments. Marriages are customarily arranged while the girl is still an infant, often to an older man with multiple wives.

The Waama follow traditional ethnic beliefs and practices, adoring many gods. They have shrines for their ancestral spirits in their family compounds, where an appointed elder makes sacrifices for the family to gain their favor. They are fiercely attached to their three-month initiation, which occurs every three years. So as not to disturb the spirits, absolute silence is expected during this period, putting them in conflict with other ethnic and religious groups in the area, especially churches which play music.

The New Testament is available in Waama, as is the “Jesus” film. There are few Waama Christians (around 2 per cent of the population), and the existing evangelical churches tend to use French or the Ditammari language. The literacy rate is below 10 per cent.



Pray for laborers willing to learn the Waama language and go to these communities where Christ is not known.


Pray for key Waama believers and leaders who boldly profess Jesus and are capable of discipling others.


Pray for literacy teachers and radio speakers for SIM broadcasts.


Pray for God to call more Weno missionaries, evangelists and translators to join the new ministry initiative.


Pray for Yom believers as they celebrate and read the recently completed Yom Bible.

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