By faith, we see:

  • Zimbabwe fully evangelized, so that no one may live and die without hearing the gospel and responding to it.
  • believers discipled to live out the gospel in word and deed.
  • Christ’s compassionate love shared among the poor, the marginalized and the hurting.


  • Leadership development and disciple making
  • Children and youth ministries
  • Famine relief, sustainable agriculture and horticulture
  • Missions mobilization
  • Theological training
  • Evangelism among cults
  • Hope for Life, which addresses HIV and related issues
  • Outreach geared toward disadvantaged girls
  • Our Research Desk, which feeds into and contextualizes all ministries

Communities where He is least known

The Colored community

Zimbabwean Coloreds are a mixed-race people group of European and African descent. Making up 0.1 per cent of Zimbabwe’s population, the majority live in urban areas.

They are affected by an identity crisis, due to historic tensions. During Zimbabwe’s war for independence, Coloreds were conscripted to fight alongside the colonial regime, which made them unfavorable in the eyes of the post-independence government. Many Coloreds lost senior jobs in government, and when land was redistributed in the 2000s, they once again had no share.

Now, they continue to have difficulty getting government supported loans for entrepreneurships. They complain of being disenfranchised and viewed as foreigners in their country of birth. Many are bitter and feel misunderstood, and some have resorted to drug, substance and alcohol abuse.

They are generally uninterested in religion, aside from a few being nominal Catholics. Pray that the Lord sends missionaries to proclaim the gospel and make disciples amongst this people group. There are very few in the majority of churches in Zimbabwe.



Pray for the Zimbabwean Church to look outwards and take the gospel to people who have not heard it, both in Zimbabwe and beyond its borders.


Pray for disciple-making ministries to take root in every church and strengthen believers.


Pray for God to protect the nation and his Church against the increase and threat of Islam.


Pray for all of SIM Zimbabwe’s ministries to impact the surrounding communities.


Pray for social, political and economic stability after the last elections.

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