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Questions about Global Missions?

supporting sim workers in the region

The Southern Africa Service Center is a team of SIM workers called and sent by God to provide support to and help strengthen our co-laborers and their ministries in Angola, Botswana, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Reunion, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Communities where He is least known

The Zionist Churches of South Africa

The largest and fastest growing of the African independent churches is the Zion Christian Church (ZCC). Its members, estimated to number between 2 and 6 million in more than 4,000 parishes, live primarily in urban townships and rural communities. The ZCC was established in 1910 by Engenas Lekganyane, a farm worker in a rural area that later became Zion City in the Northern Province. Zionist beliefs emphasize the healing power of religious faith, although they also adopt traditional African religious beliefs, especially those concerning the power of the ancestors to intercede on behalf of human beings.

prayer points


SASC and the regional council to work well together in providing the services needed to support the countries in the region in reaching those living and dying without Christ


The SASC team to continue to serve God faithfully, even though their work often goes unseen by many in the region


The team as they adjust to the new finance processes and systems and work more closely with the South Africa office

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