By faith, we see SIM Namibia partnering with churches and other organizations to reach children and youth, impacting people who are living and dying without Christ, and helping the Church disciple people both inside and outside of it. By faith,we see new missionaries joining us in the work we still have before us.

Communities where He is least known

Children and youth

Following Namibia’s independence in 1990, a generation has grown up for whom Jesus is no longer relevant. About 55 percent of Namibia’s population is aged 25 years and under, and most have not heard the gospel. Namibian youth are no longer brought up attending church as their parents were, and they see the morals and values that their elders preach hardly lived out.

Young people are increasingly drifting into a secular lifestyle. SIM works in community development with disadvantaged children, and, through ministry at the Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS), assists in equipping church leaders to grasp the opportunities to reach children and youth with the gospel.



Pray for God to send more workers to Namibia.


Pray for our team as we look into new areas of outreach, especially in Muslim work.


Pray for the churches in Namibia to hear God’s calling to missions both inside and outside of the country.


Pray for pastors and other church workers to effectively share what they have learned through the Pastors’ Book Set conferences.

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