SIM Mozambique longs to see people reconciled to God, becoming a part of Christ-centered churches and living as His ambassadors throughout Mozambique and overseas. Our task is to make disciples, focusing on least-reached people in the north and equipping leaders for the Body of Christ.

Communities where He is least known


About 500,000 Yao people live in northwest Mozambique. To be a Yao is to be a Muslim. They often mix traditional African beliefs with Islam to form a syncretic belief system. The Yao people were once the fierce slave hunters of the north. Today, they are subsistence farmers, mostly illiterate, with a low life expectancy. Although missionaries have been working with the Yao for many years, the fruit of their labour has been slow to come. However, we believe that the Yao people will increasingly come to faith, and the time for the harvest is now. Churches are being planted, and interest in the gospel seems to be growing.


Makuwa-Metto and Makuwa-Chirima

There are about 1 million people in each of these groups. The Makua peoples are matrilineal, tracing their family lines through their mother’s family. Most people are subsistence farmers, working their fields only with hand-held implements, but there is a trend of Makua moving to the towns and cities. Most adhere to folk Islam. In urban areas where some small churches exist, there is need for well-trained leaders.



Pray for more people to hear and accept the good news of Jesus Christ.


Pray for the Lord to send more laborers into this harvest field.


Pray for more churches to be planted in rural areas that are still without the gospel.


Pray for new believers to become faithful disciples and grow in maturity.


Pray for more local church leaders to be trained and become faithful shepherds.


Pray for SIM as we set up a Bible school, for funds and staff.


Pray for the Lord to protect and help the missionaries working in these areas.

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