By faith, we see:

  • competent pastors and leaders rooted in the truth of the Bible, as they lead and teach their congregations.
  • vibrant churches reaching out to those living and dying without Jesus in Mauritius and beyond.
  • evangelical denominations united as they fulfil the Great Commission of Christ.


  • Discipleship and leadership training in churches
  • Ministry to children and adolescent girls
  • Outreach

Communities where He is least known


The least-reached people groups of Mauritius are Muslims and Hindus. Hindus in Mauritius originate from India. Many hierarchical and economic sub-groups exist among them, with the best known being the Brahmins, the priestly community. The Brahmins form the religious backbone of Hinduism. The Bhojpuris are an ethnic sub-group and make up the majority of Indians in Mauritius. Hindus represent nearly half of the population in Mauritius.

Some scholars say that the number of Hindu gods exceeds 35 million. Most of the deities are believed to be both good and evil in nature. Hindus believe in reincarnation. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to break through the religious barriers that have kept the Hindus in Mauritius bound in both spiritual and physical poverty.



Praise for the faithfulness of Assembly of God Churches celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.


Pray for unity among the various church denominations, and a common vision to help spread the good news.


Pray for the evangelical churches of Mauritius to rise to the challenge of supporting missions work.


Pray for those attending discipleship and leadership training to grow in their knowledge of God.


Pray for new missionaries to join the SIM team, entering the country as businesspeople and university lecturers.

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