By faith, we see:

  • SIM missionaries thriving in their ministries, as they grow in their walk with God and cross barriers to proclaim the crucified and risen Christ.
  • well-equipped church leaders serving their congregations and making disciples.
  • united churches fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission, as they reach out to those who live and die without hearing God’s good news in Madagascar and beyond.


  • Medical ministry
  • Community development
  • Theological training
  • Supportive ministries, including administration and teaching missionary children
  • Outreach and church planting

Communities where He is least known


The Comorians live on a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique. Each of the Comorian groups takes its name from the particular island on which the people live, but the official name of the islands is the Federal and Islamic Republic of the Comoros.

Major challenges on the Comoros Islands include poverty, disease and hunger. Educational levels are low, and less than half the population is literate. Although French and Arabic are the official languages, the Comorians speak their own Swahili dialect. Children are expected to help with the farming, fishing and animal care. Polygamy is an acceptable practice among the Comorians.

The Comorians are Muslim, but occultism and spirit possession are mixed with their Islamic practices. Traditionally, they have been resistant to any kind of religious change; however, they are gradually becoming more receptive to other ideas. Christian resources are limited, and as a result, the number of Comorian believers is very small.



Pray for our workers as they minister in very isolated settings.


Pray for more missionary doctors for the Good News Hospital.


Pray for the Lord to establish a local SIM administration that serves our missionaries with financial, administrative and personnel services.


Pray for local co-workers at the Timothy Center to continue with activities after the departure of the missionaries leading the center.


Pray for a clear and courageous vision for SIM Madagascar, as mission strategies are developed.

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