By faith, we see:

  • every person in Botswana having the opportunity to respond to the good news, growing in obedience to God and becoming part of a local church fellowship.
  • a renewed and strong partnership with the Africa Evangelical Church (AEC) and other denominations, as SIM Botswana walks alongside them to fulfil the Great Commission.


  • Children and youth ministry
  • Outreach ministry through crafts and Alpha courses
  • Disciple making

Communities where He is least known

Remote Area Dwellers of the Kalahari Desert

The San are considered to have the oldest culture in the world. Beautiful San rock art can be seen throughout southern Africa, where the San lived as hunter-gatherers. The San are expert hunters, using bows and poison-tipped arrows. Hunting is a collaborative exercise, and the meat is always shared among the group.

Over the past 2,000 years, the San have slowly been pushed to live in the arid sands of the Kalahari Desert by Bantu tribes and white farmers, who took the more fertile land for their crops and livestock. Today, the San find it difficult to maintain their traditional culture and lifestyle. Land that the San used for hunting is increasingly being used for grazing cattle.

In partnership with the Africa Evangelical Church, SIM has engaged with the San of the Kalahari for over 30 years. For the past 10 years, the ministry has been carried out by missionaries living in the desert. These missionaries retired in 2018, leaving a translation of the Gospel of Luke, around 90 recorded Bible stories, Sunday School material and a worship CD as their legacy.




Pray for appointees, who are developing prayer partners and raising financial support.


Pray for SIM leadership to develop creative ideas for helping the appointees to grow their support team.


Pray for the translators amongst the people of the Kalahari to persevere in ministry without the missionaries.


Pray for San people to grasp the message of God’s love while listening to Bible stories on the radio.


Pray for the Africa Evangelical Church to catch the vision for discipling the remote people of the Kalahari.


Pray for children and young people to grow in their faith and apply biblical truths in their daily lives.


Pray for children and young people to grow in their faith and apply biblical truths in their daily lives.

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