In a culturally, linguistically and economically diverse environment, SIM Angola partners with churches to make disciples of Christ in communities where He is least known, training and mentoring individuals and groups through diverse ministries, including agriculture, healthcare and teaching God’s Word.


  • Agricultural development
  • Healthcare, including surgical care, rural clinics and obstetric fistula care
  • Disciple-making
  • VaNyaneka Bible translation and literacy program
  • Theological education for local pastors and church leaders
  • Training pastors and church leaders in youth engagement and ministry

Communities where He is least known


The Ovangambwe, a sub-group of VaNyaneka, live in southwestern Angola. Their lives revolve around keeping cattle. There has been resistance to the gospel, especially amongst the elders, who say they are too old and set in their ways to change. One church and three preaching points are established among this people group.



The Ovamwila, also a sub-group of VaNyaneka, are largely rural subsistence farmers and often live remotely. In recent years, many Ovamwila have come to Christ; however, the majority have not heard the good news. A project to translate the Bible is in a very early stage.


MuCubal and Muhimba

Living in the southwestern region of Angola, the majority of MuCubal and Muhimba live without the gospel. They are semi-nomadic, raising cattle and goats. The region in which they live often deals with drought and hardship. Efforts are underway to send medical personnel to this region.



Pray for continued good working relationships with Angolan church leaders in each area of ministry.


Pray for wisdom for how to prioritize and respond to many demands on time and resources.


Pray for additional personnel, particularly in the ministries of health, theological education and youth ministry.


Pray for more workers to train local churches and begin new outreach to the youth of Angola.

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