The vision of SIM New Zealand is to facilitate others in joining what God is doing around the world. We desire workers to be empowered to thrive and make a difference in communities where Christ is least known.

Communities where He is least known


The Polynesian Maori people migrated to New Zealand in the 1400s to take advantage of the fishing and natural resources offered by the South Pacific islands. The European explorers began arriving in the 1600s with the formation of settlements in the 1800s. New Zealand combines Polynesian and European heritage, making it an interesting blend of cultures with unique characteristics.

The Maori have a long tradition of group singing, dancing, art and crafts. Woodcarving is a notable art of this culture. Most of the Maori have urbanized, but many retain elements of their traditional history. They brought their belief in a plethora of Polynesian gods and goddesses to the islands. The Europeans also brought their customary Christian beliefs to New Zealand.

Today New Zealand is multi-cultural and religiously plural, in need of a consistent presentation of biblical Christianity. Recently, a fresh stirring of the Wairua Tapu (the Holy Spirit) has begun amongst Maori. SIM New Zealand serves the New Zealand Church by encouraging and equipping believers to build relationships with people of other faiths and ethnicities for the sake of the gospel.



Pray for 10 new prayer groups that will pray for our partners and New Zealand candidates monthly.


Pray for an increase from 43 to 60 missionaries anticipating service of more than two years.


Pray for 30 new workers each year willing to serve between two months to two years.


Pray for churches to reach out cross-culturally in New Zealand, creating space for different people in our churches.


Pray for strategic partnerships with churches to be developed through mutual relationships.

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