By grace and in dependence on God, SIM Australia strives to facilitate more people, prayer, and funds for Christ’s global mission, especially making disciples of Christ where He is least known throughout our region.

Communities where He is least known

Children and Youth

Traditionally a Christian nation with freedom of religion, Australia is becoming increasingly secularized. The dominant ideology has become an individualistic, New Age, “pick-and-choose spirituality” with no accountability. While roughly two-thirds of Australians identify themselves in some way as Christian, only 8 percent regularly attend church. There is also an increasingly antagonistic attitude, including in the media, towards the church and its perceived intolerance and authoritarianism.


Immigrants, Refugees, Overseas Students and Tourists

With 28 percent of the population born overseas, and more than 1.3 million overseas university students, Australia is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world. These immigrants and students have brought a wide variety of religions with them. At the same time, sometimes they are more responsive to the gospel than are people in their birth countries. Communities where Christ is least known include Jews, Malays, Sinhalese, Arabs, Iraqis, Turks, Japanese, Thai, Khmers, Bosnians, Persians, Kurds, Afghans, Hazaras, and Pashtuns.



Pray for Australian Christians to be bold witnesses, demonstrating the love of Christ to those who oppose them, and to be revived once again in their faith to cross barriers to make Christ known.


Pray for all at SIM Australia to follow Jesus closely and receive His empowering to be effective and fruitful as we facilitate more people, prayer, and funds for Christ’s local, cross-cultural and global mission.


Pray for sending and supporting churches to increase their engagement beyond their individual missionaries, and for SIM as we facilitate churches in cross-cultural mission.


Pray for the Lord of the harvest to raise up more churches and workers for communities where Christ is least known, including the more volatile regions.


Pray for more non-traditional missionaries (such as self-funders, people in secular employment, business people, university graduates returning to their birth countries, and more) as well as openness and creativity amongst SIM teams in Australia and overseas.

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