To see communities transformed by the gospel.


  • Evangelism seminars and training
  • Disciplemaking
  • Tract ministry
  • Counselor training at Colombo Theological Seminary
  • Seminary instruction
  • English instruction
  • Counseling women and couples
  • Basic counseling seminars
  • Marriage and family seminars
  • Trauma healing training
  • Local church-based ministries to build up the Body of Christ

Communities where He is least known


Muslims comprise almost 10 per cent (approximately 2.1 million) of Sri Lanka’s population and their numbers are increasing.

The Moors, who make up a significant portion of the Muslim community, are mainly ancestors of the Arabs who came as traders. Muslim tradesmen who arrived from India are also counted in this group. The Malays, a smaller Muslim group found in Sri Lanka, are of Malaysian and Indonesian descent.

Muslim influence has grown due to intermarrying between these people groups and Sri Lankans, political leadership and economic sway. The influence of Muslims far exceeds their numbers. Even though a few hundred people among them have come to follow Christ, there are no churches with congregants or pastors from Muslim backgrounds.

In the last few decades, a small segment of the Church has become conscious of the need to share God’s love with these neighbors. There has been little opposition or initiation of gospel work among Muslim communities.

SIM is part of a network whose goal is to reach these people through organizing conferences, providing training and bringing awareness and direction to the Church about outreach to Muslims.



Pray for the Church, that it will become aware of the gospel need in Muslim communities and will learn how best to share the gospel.


Pray for the salvation of the 2.1 million Muslims who live in Sri Lanka.


Pray for God to send laborers from Sri Lanka and overseas to train the Church to reach this community.


Pray for effective leadership of the Muslim Network in its efforts to come up with a strategy for evangelism and church planting.


Pray for more volunteers and unity in the network.


Pray for new believers to become disciples and church planters among their own people.


Pray for church planters to come forward to plant churches in each of the 25 districts of the island.

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