• See strong Punjabi and other ethnic churches actively established and sacrificially involved in missions within Pakistan and beyond.

• Partner with these churches to see equally strong churches established amongst peoples with the Gospel.

• Encourage and support Christian educators in raising educational standards for children and young people.

• See poor and marginalized families better integrated into society.

• To enable ethnic groups to receive education and medical assistance.

• See workers from newer sending contexts become established in effective ministry in Pakistan.

Communities where He is least known

Quetta Hazara

Believed to be of Mongol descent, the Quetta Hazara are mainly Shia Muslims. They have suffered greatly from terrorist attacks. Generally hard-working, they place a greater importance on education than other Muslim communities do. Some have come to faith. Praise God that some Pakistani Christians reach out to this community, which is currently difficult for SIM workers to visit.


Marwari Bhil and Mengwal

Predominantly Hindu subsistence farmers with poor social standing, the Marwari Bhil and Mengwal people have limited access to education, health facilities, and water. SIM has worked with these groups since the 1960s and is training leaders for small house churches, which have grown significantly in recent years. However, in vast areas, people have not heard of Jesus.


The Gypsies of Lahore

The Gypsies often live on the edge of society in tents and make a living collecting rubbish. Many Gypsy parents do not want to send their children to school, because they prefer for them to earn money for the family. Now, through SIM’s partner ministry, many young people are attending Sunday school and learning God’s Word.



Pray for visas for new personnel and extension of current visas.


Pray for further development of the current and future leadership.


Pray for ongoing training of Christian leaders.


Pray for people from all ethnic backgrounds to know Jesus Christ.


Pray for our involvement in supporting church ministries and outreach.


Pray for our teams to have power and wisdom from the Holy Spirit.


Pray for integrity and wisdom for government officials.


Pray for those suffering through natural and man-made disasters.

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