By faith, we see vibrant, healthy and reproducing churches growing in communities where Christ is least known and crossing ethnic, language and hierarchical barriers to worship Jesus together in Myanmar communities.


  • Reaching communities amongst the Bamar where Christ is least known
  • Community outreach
  • Missional businesses that benefit least-reached communities

Communities where He is least known

Buddhist majority communities

The main ethnic group in Myanmar lives primarily in the Irrawaddy River Basin and speaks Burmese, the official language of Myanmar. The majority are Theravada Buddhists. They practice Buddhism along with a form of spirit worship called “nat worship,” which predated Buddhism. They try to appease the “nats” in order to gain protection from other evil spirits.

Urban young adults

An estimated 2.1 million young adults live in the commercial capital, comprising 30 per cent of the population. This city is ethnically diverse, with residents from various religious backgrounds: Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Buddhist. The majority are Buddhist. Young people migrate to the city from all over the country, looking for jobs and higher education to improve their family’s way of life. They are open to new ideas and technology and eager to learn English. Unfortunately, many are unable to obtain jobs after furthering their education.



Pray for Myanmar’s people to embrace the truth of Christ.


Pray for more local and global kingdom workers to come and make disciples in Myanmar’s least-reached communities.


Pray for creativity and wisdom in establishing missional businesses.


Pray for the development of effective leadership, teams and ministries in Myanmar, which is a newer entity of SIM’s.

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