SIM India sees the kingdom of God extending beyond all barriers, as we partner with Indian ministries to fulfil our global mandate.

We focus on loving our friends from other faiths as they come into the kingdom and on engaging with specific populations (children, youth, leaders and the marginalised) as they are discipled for mission work.


  • Learning Indian languages and culture while being mentored by local leaders
  • Discipling Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist friends as they follow Jesus within their communities
  • Helping transgendered people and trafficking survivors grow into Christ’s freedom
  • Loving people affected by HIV
  • Discipling university students and teachers
  • Shaping businesses that transform people and society
  • Developing young leaders for India’s future
  • Training local church leaders
  • Mobilizing North Indian churches to send workers globally
  • Providing community health interventions for the poor and marginalized
  • Working with special needs learners and their families

Communities where He is least known


To the west of Delhi and Haryana lies the desert state of Rajasthan, known for its ancient fort palaces, puppets, colorful clothes and camels. Though some tribal people groups have come to understand their identity in Christ, most descendants of the ancient Hindu Rajput warriors (Marwars and Mewars, from two respective regions) and wealthy Jains have yet to receive all Jesus has for them. Pray that the people groups of this “land of kings” will encounter Jesus, the King of kings.



Pray for daily progress in the Spirit for those who have received biblical teaching throughout the year.


Pray for good connections for those inside or outside India who seek business that will enable them to live and work in the country.


Pray for fruitfulness of the Incredible India program beginning in February. This is a way for volunteers to serve for three to 10 months.


Pray for boldness for local churches to speak up for the voiceless and vulnerable given current nationalistic violent persecution.


Pray for growth in godly marriage and parenting habits by local church members and those working in missional activities.


Pray for wisdom for our leadership council as we explore and expand pathways for North Indians to be sent abroad.


Pray for guidance as we consider how to start new ministries in the Rajasthan state, as well as among Tibetans living in India.

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