Dedicated to prayer and care, SIM brings good news to hard places because there are people living and dying without the gospel. We desire to see people from all backgrounds in Bangladesh loving their creator with all their hearts, loving their neighbors as themselves, and forming into loving communities.

Communities where He is least known


The largest community in Bangladesh is also one of the mega-people groups in the world. Made up of Muslims and Hindus, much work has been done amongst them since the time of William Carey. We praise God for increased transformation over the last 40 years, but compared to the size of the population, this can be discouraging. The Christian community in the country is often inward looking, socially and culturally isolated and, more recently, persecuted as a minority. The capital, Dhaka, is made up of 16 million people.



Pray for people we encounter to be open to hearing and accepting the Word of God.


Pray for our projects—that they would be effective in meeting real human needs.


Pray for the Lord’s provision of new workers who will thrive in Bangladesh and will be able to make disciples in culturally appropriate ways.


Pray for a favorable relationship with the government.

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