We desire to see people from all backgrounds loving the Creator with all their hearts, their neighbors as themselves and their communities.


  • Partnering with local people for outreach work
  • Children’s Uplift Program: working with women and their children who are vulnerable or are survivors of human trafficking
  • Arsenic poisoning prevention program: providing education, filters and treatment for arsenic poisoning, a common ailment in Bangladesh
  • Transformation centers: providing education opportunities, such as English language classes and primary classes for children in the slum in order to promote new development in impoverished communities
  • Morningstar Children’s Center: a slum school that reaches out to poor children and their families
  • Salam Training Center: a vocational school providing trade training for young people to develop life skills
  • Bible correspondence school: a distance learning school to disciple believers throughout the country

Communities where He is least known


The Bengali are the largest ethnic community in Bangladesh, a densely populated country of more than 160 million. Bengalis are friendly and very communal.

The capital, Dhaka, is home to more than 18 million people. Floods and cyclones frequently bring suffering to this country where many already live in poverty.



Pray for local partners in outreach work.


Pray for the formation of communities who love their Creator and each other.


Pray for our workers to not grow weary but stay encouraged in their work.


Pray for victims of human trafficking, mostly women and children, who often lose hope that they will obtain freedom.


Pray for a favourable relationship with the Bangladeshi government.

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