We are convinced that no one should live or die without hearing and understanding the gospel of Jesus Christ in Uruguay and around the world. For this reason, we believe that God has called SIM missionaries to this country to be instruments who reach, train and equip new generations of Uruguayans for Jesus Christ.


  • Church planting in least-reached areas
  • Outreach to university students
  • Outreach and Bible training for children
  • Equipping the international population for local impact
  • Youth Specialties: a leadership training and disciplemaking program
  • Mentoring and cross-cultural skill building
  • Todos Oirán: a missions and theological training program
  • Catalyst: a leadership training program

Communities where He is least known

College-aged Uruguayans

Historically, Uruguay has been considered the most atheistic nation in the Americas, with nearly half the population identifying as “nonreligious.” (This the highest percentage for any country in the Western Hemisphere.)

In the capital, Montevideo, where most of the population resides, entire neighborhoods have no church presence. These neighborhoods are home to various universities, with student bodies that have not heard the gospel living in nearby apartments.

As in traditionally religious nations, Uruguayan youth have begun to question their atheist upbringings and turn against the grain. Many young people have begun to reject the belief that the “natural” is all there is.

This new curiosity about spirituality means an increased interest in other faiths such as Mormonism (whose church membership has risen by 80 per cent in the past five years), Afro-Brazilian spiritism (the fastest growing religion in Uruguay) and New Age practices (which are syncretized into a startling number of people’s belief systems). However, it is also an unprecedented open door to proclaim Christ to this least-reached demographic.

Through church planting, leadership training and concerted efforts to pursue and mentor young people, the SIM Uruguay team continues to work in creative ways to see individuals find their hope in Jesus.



Pray for participants of SIM’s missions training program to grow in their desire to know Christ more and make Him known globally.


Pray for SIM Uruguay to reach and equip the next generation of Uruguayan disciple makers.


Pray for increased and strengthened partnerships with mission organizations, ans local churches to expand our reach to new areas.


Pray for new church planting efforts, including those reaching low-resourced families.

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