The purpose of SIM Peru is to glorify God by partnering with the Peruvian Church to fulfil Christ’s Commission.


  • Oral Bible teaching
  • Capacity building in churches through ministries tailored to men, women, children, youth and leaders
  • Camp La Joya in Arequipa and in Abancay
  • Missions capacity building, training and mobilization
  • Community service ministries, including a breakfast program, homework clubs and water projects
  • Dental work in a mission hospital and in villages
  • University student ministry and student-focused English ministry
  • Preparation of children’s materials for Sunday schools and vacation Bible schools
  • Sunday school teacher training
  • Sports Friends
  • Prison ministry
  • Administration

Communities where He is least known

Foreign prisoners in Lima

Peru is the second-highest exporter of cocaine in the world. An estimated 200 foreign men and women are in prison, having been arrested as drug mules. Peruvian prisons provide the basics: a mattress and meals. Inmates must buy or rely on family to provide toiletries, towels and sheets for their beds.

Mary and her small team of volunteers visit the foreign, English-speaking women in two prisons and provide humanitarian support for these women who are far away from their homes and families.

There is only one English-speaking evangelical prison ministry in Lima, and it is more than 20 years old. Inmates often have had difficult lives, but they share a common need for Christ. We visit weekly, study the Bible together and meet with those on parole, sharing the gospel and offering a relationship of trust and friendship where Christ is the center.

Every few years there is a shift in what countries the prisoners come from, as the women are targeted in their passport countries by the drug cartels. Recently, there has been a change from English-speaking to Spanish-speaking countries. There is a need for an evangelical Spanish-speaking prison ministry in Lima, as well as an English-speaking men’s prison ministry.



Pray for Mary and her prison ministry team, and for more men and women to join them.


Pray for the women inside the prisons to respond to the gospel message.


Pray for spiritual growth in those who have been released and made a profession of faith.


Pray for the ministry in the Apurimac region to reach those who don’t know Christ and for new church plants where there are no churches.


Pray for God to raise up godly and faithful leaders in the Peruvian Church.


Pray for the mobilization ministry to awaken Peruvian churches to the gospel needs in their communities and across borders.


Pray for all our missionaries, as they partner with evangelical churches and Peruvian Christians.


Pray for the many Peruvians getting to know Christ through our ministries, that they will grow in their faith.

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