SIM Peru is bringing good news to hard places because there are people living and dying without the gospel. As a catalyst for mission in Peru and across the world, our aim is to glorify God by partnering with the Peruvian Church to fulfill Christ’s commission.

Communities where He is least known

University Students

“I have never read the Bible before,” said Juan, a new student in our English classes.

In Peru, even students who consider themselves religious have never read the Bible for themselves. We are called to share the gospel where Christ is least known, and universities are increasingly a place where students have little knowledge of the most important person in history.

David and Christine Jeyachandran and their children are serving in Arequipa, Peru. They work with university students, making disciples and empowering students to reach their campus for Jesus. This strategic work could impact the future leaders of the nation. The Jeyachandrans engage students through small groups on campus, English conversation classes, and a web project.

Please pray that they can clearly communicate the good news of Jesus Christ in the universities.



Pray for the many students who are studying the Bible on campus and in our English ministry. Pray that we can disciple more students, and that students will be committed to reaching others for Jesus.


Pray for unity among the student leadership teams reaching the students on campus.


Pray and give praise for the many Peruvian churches and Christians who are partnering with us in ministry. Many of them work voluntarily and see this as their service to the Lord.


Pray for our missionaries, as they partner with the evangelical churches and Peruvian Christians. Pray that the missionaries may be good facilitators and mentors to Peruvian Christians, in order to strengthen their faith.


Pray for the many Peruvians who are getting to know Christ through all our ministries, that they grow in their faith and become faithful and responsible leaders and testimonies in their communities.


Pray for our Peruvian missionaries who are serving in Africa and Asia.


Pray for the new missionaries from other South American countries who are joining us to serve in Peru.

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