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Often referred to as “Corazon de America” or “Heart of America,” Paraguay is a beautiful country of diverse landscapes and people in the center of South America. Prominent among the hundreds of rivers, the Paraguay River separates the country geographically and economically. The fertile eastern side supports the predominantly agricultural economy. West of the river, the Chaco, with its low, vast, marshy plains and semi-arid climate, is larger in size but much less productive and populated. The native Guarani language is widely spoken culturally, but Spanish is preferred in business and government. Most of the people of Paraguay live within 100 miles (160 km) of the capital city of Asuncion.

After many generations of political turmoil and wars, Paraguay adopted a democratic system of government in 1992. The recent government has been successful in implementing some reforms, but corruption in the public and private sectors, money laundering, and drug trafficking still exist. Paraguay is also the largest grower of cannabis in South America. Because of its location in the center of South America, Paraguay has become involved in the crime of larger surrounding countries like Brazil and Argentina. Economically, many of its people live below the poverty line.

Paraguay’s government promotes religious freedom and most of the population is Roman Catholic. Although superstitious traditionalism and occult-related bondage exist, the country recognizes the long-lasting positive impact that Catholicism has made on public life. The cities host most of the small protestant population, with the exception of a strong Mennonite presence in the western region of the country.

quick facts

South America
Christian 95%, Ethnic religions 2%, Agnostic 2%
capital city:
Guarani, Spanish (87% second language), Standard German, Portuguese, Plautdietsch
Presidential republic
GDP per capita:
literacy rate:
major groups of people:
83% Paraguayan Mestizo; 3% Latin American White; 3% German; 2% Mestizo; 2% Native American

prayer points


Mobilizing partnerships to the deaf and other marginalized communities


The SIM team leadership and governance board, financial and personnel coordination, short-term volunteer ministry, TCK ministry


Partnership with First Nations leaders: optometry partnership and discipleship; community empowerment and heart language multimedia production


Pioneer church planting efforts happening through Bible studies and education in communities where Bible-teaching churches do not yet exist


Expansion of the camping ministries through trained youth leaders and the camp ministries’ new coordinator, to further strengthen local church discipleship and outreach to the next generation


More leadership training for Paraguayan believers in new churches


Continued growth for the SIM mission family engaged in learning local culture and both Spanish and Guaraní, that they may effectively demonstrate God’s love and collaborate successfully with local partners

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