By faith, we see:

  • fully trained and supported missionaries from Latin America serving in various countries throughout the world.
  • Latin American churches prayerfully and financially supporting those they send.
  • the Latin American Church and its missionaries fulfilling their role in the Great Commission.


  • Mobilization: In order to effectively serve such a large continent, SIM Latinoamérica needs to discover and train mobilizers in each country.
  • Partnerships: SIM Latinoamérica desires to build strong partnerships with local sending entities and churches to facilitate the sending of Latin Americans to the mission field.

Communities where He is least known

Most of our Latino candidates have a passion to go to the least-reached areas of the world. We are convinced that Latin American missionaries will contribute to the completion of the Great Commission. Some of these people will come from parts of society that have not fully heard or understood God’s call to missions and the part they can play. These include rural communities, universities and businesses.

SIM Latinoamérica is proud to support Latin Americans who serve in Angola, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Greece, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mali, Mexico, the Middle East, Mozambique, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa and Uruguay. After sending out an additional 14 people in 2019, we anticipate many more in 2020.



Pray for the 135 Latin Americans, including children, who currently serve the Lord with SIM.


Pray for the Latin American Church as it comes to understand the vital role it has in sending people into missions.


Pray for trust-filled partnerships between SIM, churches and missionaries.


Pray for the development of new partnerships with non-SIM sending agencies across the region.


Pray for the provision of prayer and financial support for those from countries with extreme financial difficulties.


Pray for creativity in how the SIM Latinoamérica team shares God’s call to missions amongst young people.


Pray for creativity as SIM teams around the world work to receive Latin Americans.


Pray for an increase in the number of people hearing God calling them into missions.


Pray for VAMOS and Movilecemos, which are key programs and resources that aim to support the Latin American church in missions.


Pray for the streamlining and flexibility of well-established systems within SIM to best serve those coming from new communities.


Pray for the SIM Latinoamérica team as they seek to work seamlessly across more than 35 countries.

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