As a team of Christ’s ambassadors, SIM Ecuador exists in love to proclaim and to live out Christ’s message of reconciliation. We do so in the power and for the glory of God. In partnership with the Church, we want to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in communities where He is least known.


  • Waves of Hope radio station
  • Equipping church leaders (Equipping Servants theological education program, Growing Pastors bookshop and training conferences)
  • Compassion ministries (medical aid, finance management, business as mission, counselling and trauma healing)
  • Planting and strengthening rural churches (evangelism,discipleship and training)
  • Youth ministry (sports, creative arts, university outreach, Bible studies and discipleship)
  • Mission mobilization
  • Missionary Kids (academic and spiritual growth)
  • Internship training program

Communities where He is least known

Rural population of the southern province of Loja

We thank God for Church growth, as more urban churches in the city of Loja are planting churches in remote rural areas. Our strategy is to work alongside these churches to raise the number of believers in rural areas from the current 0.1 per cent.

Nearly all 300,000 living in rural communities remain in bondage to an animistic Catholicism that combines idolatry, shamans and superstitions. Town priests usually lead the opposition to gospel work, while families and communities persecute those searching for truth outside their traditional beliefs. Persecution varies but often includes public shaming, beatings from parents and disownment.

Leaders are being trained to share the gospel and testimonies of its impact on their lives. Still, there remains a great need for workers to continue church planting and to train leaders.

Vulnerable populations

Women and children are Ecuador’s most vulnerable people, and as such, face the highest risk of violence and abuse. A national survey reports that 60 per cent of women have experienced some form of violence, and three fourths of the time, this violence comes from family members or other people they know. Almost half of Ecuador’s children are regularly exposed to violent physical abuse at home.

Also, most of the one million Venezuelan immigrants who came to Ecuador in 2018 are now homeless and begging, without hope of finding work or housing. SIM’s compassion ministry is working to connect with these groups and other vulnerable people, such as those with disabilities, by offering trauma healing, a finance management course and other resources.



Pray for Radio Hope to receive government approval for its FM frequency and to broadcast gospel messages that would have an impact throughout the province.


Pray for our compassion ministry to effectively open doors to new communities through tangible expressions of Christ’s love.


Pray for our equipping leadership ministries to develop stable, maturing leaders, especially in rural communities, through training programs and ongoing discipleship.


Pray for more teachers for our MK study center.


Pray for workers to join our growing ministries.

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