The vision of SIM Ecuador is to see a witness to Christ’s love where He is least known, disciples of Jesus expressing God’s love in their communities, and Christ-centered churches among all peoples. Therefore, by faith, we are working to see:

  • Churches expressing God’s love and compassion, serving their communities and reaching out with the gospel to the vulnerable among them.
  • The church of Loja passionate to support gospel workers in Loja and the world.
  • The people of God capable of serving effectively in ministry.
  • A church planting movement that reproduces communities of Jesus followers in least-reached, rural areas of the Loja province.
  • Families being transformed by the gospel in southern Ecuador.
  • Young people making disciples and modeling a holistic, Christ-centered life in their communities.
  • Missionaries flourishing beneath quality administration and member care.
  • Missionary kids grow up to be personal followers of Jesus.

Communities where He is least known

Southern Cantons of Loja Province  

The town of Cariamanga in the rural area of Loja province is part of a new priority area of SIM Ecuador. Of the 77,000 people in Cariamanga, around 0.1 percent are forming Christ-centered communities. Many people remain strongly tied to Roman Catholicism, but they don’t always know its doctrine very well. People practice a “folk-Catholicism,” namely animistic beliefs mixed with traditional Catholic church life. Healers, shamans, and superstition are as important as the practices of the traditional church. These beliefs still impact the lives of evangelical believers, who face opposition when they deny the traditional beliefs of their family. Around 12-15 percent of this area’s population is illiterate. Youth continue to move to cities. The few small churches that exist need resources and training in evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and doctrine in order to make an impact in their communities. The churches need a vision for the lost and scattered people of their own region. A major obstacle are the many present sects, which distort the teaching of the gospel and confuse believers.


College Students and Youth

The need for gospel proclamation among the thousands of university students and youth between 15 and 25 years old in the city of Loja is receiving a greater focus than ever before. There is a clear vision to disciple university students and establish a ministry in the two main university campuses in Loja. Students and young workers are looking for a brighter future, and through relationships, we seek to reach this community.



Pray for believers in rural areas to be courageous ambassadors for Christ.


Pray for efforts in rural Loja Province to connect and support churches through teaching, resources, and outreach.


Pray for wisdom and direction as we work with others to establish a ministry on the two university campuses.


Pray for continued work in urban areas alongside the local Church.


Pray for wisdom as we consider new ministries to least-reached areas of Ecuador.

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