Convinced that no one should live and die without hearing God’s good news, we believe that He has called us to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in communities where He is least known. Therefore, compelled by God’s great love, and empowered by the Holy Spirit:

  • we cross barriers to proclaim the crucified and risen Christ.
  • we make disciples who will trust and obey Jesus.
  • we work together with churches to fulfil God’s mission.
  • we facilitate the participation in cross-cultural ministry of those whom God is calling.


  • Outreach and discipleship among Quechuas, Tacanas, Chiquitanos and people in the Tipnis region
  • Disciple making and mission mobilization within Bolivian churches
  • Trauma healing and counseling
  • Disciple making among families, children and youth
  • Medical ministry to Quechua miners and farmers
  • Theological education
  • Staffing for Carachipampa Christian School

Communities where He is least known

Tacana and Tipnis areas

Many villages of the Tacana people and the Tipnis region do not have a gospel witness. SIM missionaries support local pastors so that their churches will reach other communities with the gospel. Flying in small aircraft is often the only reliable way to reach villages that are frequently isolated by flood plains or unpredictable river travel. Traditional beliefs are another barrier to gospel outreach.

SIM Bolivia is looking for effective ways to address the groups’ spiritual and physical needs. An SIM family is pastoring Tacana pastors. Another SIM family will join a mission partner to provide air transport and medical support, reaching remote communities with the gospel.

Miners of Potosí

Ask a Potosi miner, “Who rules inside the mine?” and he will tell you, “El Tio.” While miners may believe in God, they also believe that the pernicious Tio rules supreme underground, either allowing them to find minerals or keeping minerals hidden. He can protect or harm. They trust that devotion to the Tio, shown through sacrifices and offerings, will placate him, providing success and safety. Even so, miners die or are wounded in the dangerous conditions within the mines.

SIM is reaching out to miners and others in Potosi through a medical clinic, occupational therapy, English classes and community involvement, in order to begin to overcome barriers and resistance to the gospel. SIM missionaries also reach out to Potosi’s professional class, which lacks an appropriate witness.



Pray for workers sent from God to join us in reaching those without Christ.


Pray for Perspectives, Equipping Servants International and theological training to prepare gospel workers to reach their own people.


Pray for churches to turn away from legalistic attitudes, embracing the gospel of grace.


Pray for God to use SIM’s medical ministry, English classes and other creative outreaches to bring people closer to Him.


Pray for partner ministries that produces Sunday school material, Mosoj Chaski radio that reaches Quechuas, and Camp Kewiña.


Pray for teachers and staff for Carachipampa Christian School, which educates and disciples students for eternity.


Pray for grace, unity and cultural understanding, as we live and work in multi-ethnic and multi-generational teams.

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