Almost 120 years after the first missionaries came to Bolivia to reach the least-reached people groups of the Andes, the Bolivian Church is increasingly engaging in missions. More and more Bolivians are responding to God’s call to make disciples. At the same time there are still a lot of communities where the good news of Jesus Christ is hardly known.

Therefore, as a team we work with the local Church in mobilization, disciple-making, and in reaching the least-reached of Bolivia.

Communities where He is least known


Living in the Yungas region of Bolivia with a population over 18,000, the Tacana people are largely agricultural. Their traditional, animistic beliefs are strong and place great importance on the chamanes, or witch doctors, to provide herbal medicinal cures and protect the well-being of the community and the universe. SIM Bolivia is looking for creative and effective ways to address spiritual and physical needs of the Tacana people as they work alongside a local couple who have the desire to reach their own people with the gospel.


Miners of Potosí

Potosí is a city that clings to the side of a beautiful mountain, but many have died inside its mines. The miners acknowledge it to be the devil’s domain and daily make sacrifices to his image. Who can break down barriers to reach this close-knit, tough group of miners? Who will come to know the story of abundant life in Jesus Christ? Whose feet will be beautiful on that mountain, bringing the good news?



Pray for the people of this beautiful and diverse country. Pray that from the heart of Latin America, a light may shine for the rest of the world.


Pray for all the people who haven’t heard God's good news. Pray that we can make disciples of Jesus Christ among them, so all of Bolivia will sing God's praise.


Pray for the mobilization of the Bolivian churches. Pray for the candidate missionaries in their journey. Pray that the churches may recognize more and more their role in missions.


Pray for the local churches, that they may grow both in number and in depth of their understanding of God.


Pray for the team of SIM Bolivia. Pray that the missionaries may be firmly rooted in God and in His Word. Pray for unity in the team.


Pray for the government of Bolivia. Pray for peace, joy, and justice in this country.


Pray to the Lord to send more workers into this field.

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