Convinced of God’s love for all, we believe he has called us to be witnesses of his good news and to make disciples of Jesus Christ where he is least known in Paraguay and around the world. In pursuit of those goals:

  • we bring God glory as multi-skilled, multi-national ministry teams.
  • we demonstrate his love among those living and dying without him.
  • we train believers to serve and lead local churches to grow and spread the Church throughout Paraguay’s interior.
  • we interact with many churches and organizations to help send his people to where He is calling them to serve.


  • Outreach to Paraguay’s interior
  • Rural church planting
  • Educational ministries
  • Serving and equipping the Church in Paraguay’s interior
  • Youth ministry and camping
  • Leadership training
  • First Nations (indigenous people) partnerships
  • Optometry partnership and discipleship
  • Legal advocacy and discipleship
  • Multimedia production
  • Missionary services

Communities where He is least known

Rural subsistence farmers

Because farmers and their families live in dispersed and isolated communities, preferring to learn by listening rather than reading, church planting efforts amongst them has been a challenge. SIM is meeting this challenge, placing church planters in these small communities to develop relationships and give people a picture of Christ that they have never known. Using oral methods, they evangelize and train leaders to know and teach the Word, regardless of the leader’s level of literacy.


People Living With HIV and AIDS

Paraguay is not known as a country with a high rate of HIV infection. However, those who have worked many years with people living with these conditions in Paraguay have seen a tremendous increase of new cases, mostly among the poor. SIM Paraguay is partnering with other organizations in order to reach those living with HIV and AIDS.


Indigenous communities

With a combined population of more than 90,000, the 19 indigenous communities of Paraguay are in need of Bible translations and recordings. SIM is partnering with German Pioneer Mission, Ethnos 360, Latinos en Traducción y Alfabetización (LETRA), and others to provide the recorded Scriptures and other Bible-related materials in the heart language of each of these groups. 



Pray for outreaches through Bible studies and education in communities where Bibleteaching churches do not yet exist.


Pray for trained youth leaders to continue using what they have learned and be successful in their local youth ministries.


Pray for Paraguayan believers to be equipped to lead their churches and organize local ministries.


Pray for SIM Paraguay families to continue learning the local culture and language, in order to effectively demonstrate God’s love.


Pray for partnerships to further mobilize Paraguayan churches to send workers nationally and internationally.

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