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Has God given you a heart for teaching and a desire to use your gifts cross-culturally? By serving as a teacher with SIM, you can help students grasp the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ while equipping them to navigate their world. Some of the students at our schools come from homes where they might never otherwise hear the gospel. Others are the children of missionaries, and your service has a direct impact on the effectiveness and longevity of their ministries.

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International Schools

Families moving to hard places to share God’s good news need a support system as they go. SIM has founded or partnered with schools around the world to provide excellent, Christ-centered education for our missionary children. Over time, God opened doors for these schools to include other children from the expatriate and local communities, including children whose parents are world leaders, business professionals, NGO workers, and embassy staff. You could be training the next generation’s leaders. To learn more about the following international schools, visit their website. We do have partner schools in other locations not listed below. Please contact us to learn more.

Not a teacher yet? Many of our schools offer opportunities for student teaching. Contact us to learn more!


Being a homeschool teacher is a valuable support role that helps families have a long-term impact on communities in hard places. By homeschooling SIM children living in remote areas with limited educational opportunities, you allow their parents to serve in the ministry they are trained to do. This can be done in the family home or teaching several families’ children in a one-room schoolhouse-type setting. Opportunities and locations vary from year to year and range from elementary to high school subjects.


Teaching in a university setting provides the opportunities to reach college students and challenge their thinking as they enter adulthood. Whether you’re teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), working as a professor in your area of expertise, or providing theological education, you can help reach those who have never heard the name of Jesus, or train growing disciples to share the good news more effectively.

Local Schools

Teaching in a local school is a great way to engage a community with the gospel and learn a lot about the culture. It requires learning the local language and can be a valuable support to educators around the world.

English Language Learning

Individuals in many cultures want to learn English to further education or career opportunities. Teaching English is a strategic way to build relationships and share the good news of Jesus Christ to people in least-reached communities while providing them with a valuable skill.

“Without a doubt, life here is different…God has been helping me to grow in many ways, and each time I do something new, I am reminded again that He is always there to support me through it…I marvel at how God has been able to equip me and use me for His will, despite my shortcomings and despite what I thought I would ever be able to do..”

-Jensine F., SIM Teacher

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