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Creative Arts

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reflecting our creator in communities where he is least known

Has God given you a passion in one of the arts? Whether you love visual arts, drama, dance, music, or a combination, God can use your gifts and talents to share His good news with people who have never heard His name. Your creativity can introduce people to their Creator and inspire those who know Jesus to grow deeper in their relationship with Him.

some ways
SIM Workers Are Using Creative Arts Worldwide
  • Painting henna designs that weave story-telling from God’s Word into artwork
  • Staging drama productions or puppet shows to share Bible stories
  • Offering dance, drama, and art therapy to victims of human trafficking
  • Teaching songwriting workshops to empower local believers to write Christian songs in their unique culture’s language and style
  • Teaching art classes to refugee children
  • Selling visual arts in missional businesses around the world
  • Telling stories of what God is doing through photography, videography, and writing
  • Engaging university students as an art professor
  • Playing violin in a symphony where you can do relational ministry

“This is important if we are to understand being made in the image of God. As people in mission, we need emotional, creative, and rational intellect—all three. We have to be operating on all pistons as we move forward, for the sake of declaring His glory who called us out of darkness into His glorious light.”

-Byron Spraldin, ACT (Artists in Christian Testimony)

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