SIM’s global purpose is to cross barriers to proclaim Christ, disciple believers into biblically healthy churches, work together with churches to fulfill God’s mission, and facilitate participation in cross-cultural ministry. SIM Canada expedites this by sending missionaries from Canada around the world, receiving missionaries to Canada from around the world, and serving as missionaries in Canada alongside the Canadian church.

Communities where He is least known

Indigenous Canadians

The First Nations, Inuit, and Metis peoples of Canada have been exposed to the gospel with mission work dating back to the time of early fur trading and subsequent colonization.

In recent times, however, the Church has been portrayed largely in negative terms particularly over much publicized mistreatment of Indigenous people in residential schools, many of which were run by churches. In addition, the Christian message in many First Nations communities has often been misrepresented and misunderstood over the years, resulting in many “mis-reached” rather than ‘least-reached’ First Nations people and communities.

SIM Canada, other missions, and church denominations are attempting to address the ‘mis-reached’ in small but effective ways, both on First Nations reserves and in the cities.

Pray in faith that the real truth of the gospel will be both shared and accepted among the Indigenous peoples. Pray particularly for innovative ways for Christian workers to reach Indigenous youth both within traditional church settings and outside of the church— whether on reserves or in the cities. Pray for reconciliation with the churches and Indigenous peoples on wrongs and hurts of the past, and for true healing to occur. Pray that God will transform Indigenous communities and that his name will be redeemed.



Pray for deepening engagement and partnerships with churches and donors.


Pray for the growing ministry of reaching diaspora communities with the gospel in the increasingly multicultural cities of Canada.


Pray for wisdom for the team engaging with numerous enquiries for missionary service in Canada and overseas.

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