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What is the role of the church versus a mission sending organization?

By Jeff W. - Deputy Director of Personnel for Missionary Preparation  ·  4 minute read
Learning Center  »  What is the role of the church versus a mission sending organization?

The church and the mission sending organization are both important in a missionary’s preparation for and longevity on the mission field. Both the church and the mission’s organization have important roles to play in people preparing for missions. When they work together, healthy missionaries are the result.

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Preparing for Missionary Work – The Role of the Church:

The church is the structure that God put in place for the growth of His people and the proclamation of His name to go forth from generation to generation. Therefore, the church is the one who sends missionaries and supports missionary work abroad. The church is also involved in the spiritual care of the missionary, as well as parts of helping the worker prepare for the mission field.

Preparing for Missionary Work – The Role of a Mission Organization:

The mission sending organization’s primary focus is to train and prepare people for cross-cultural missionary work. These mission sending organizations have staff with experience and expertise in living and ministering in a cross-cultural context. From getting proper visas to trainings about cross-cultural life and language acquisition, the mission’s organization has the ability to train and prepare many people for missionary work.

Support While People are Living Abroad:

The church and mission sending organization both play a role in caring for the missionary while in their chosen location. The mission’s organization staff understand some of the specific struggles of living cross-culturally and help with problem-solving, expertise and support. Many times, the church personally knows the missionary on a deeper level and can care for the missionary in different ways from the mission’s organization. Both organizations working in tandem are essential for the health and success of the missionary.

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Jeff W.
Deputy Director of Personnel for Missionary Preparation

Served on pastoral staff in multiple roles since 2006. Spent four-and-a-half years in Malawi as a missionary.

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