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Connecting With SIM USA: Hannah’s Story

By Maggie Watts  ·  3 minute read
Learning Center  »  Connecting With SIM USA: Hannah’s Story

Hannah is interested in serving as a long-term global missionary. When she researched her desired location, she heard about SIM USA. As she learned more about SIM, she decided her next step would be to attend a Connect event.

This year, Hannah attended Connect, and from the moment she arrived on campus, she could tell that SIM deeply cares for its missionaries.

“When you first step on campus, there’s just so much hospitality. Even the way things are prepared in the rooms, with the treats and welcome bags—that’s not the most important thing in the world, but it’s so sweet. I think it just speaks to the desire to care for people well, which is huge. That’s a huge component of a good sending organization,” Hannah said.

Hannah didn’t come to Connect with many expectations—she simply wanted to learn more about SIM. Through the various sessions and breakout groups, she felt this was accomplished.

“I felt like all the sessions were very informative, especially the Core Values and Deal Breakers sessions. Those things are really important,” she said. “The Core Values Session stood out to me a lot. I just appreciate that there’s a session on that. I think it’s one thing to just read the values because there’s so many good organizations that use similar language in their core values. But I think when somebody is actually talking about the core values of the organization, you’re able to hear the personality and the passion come through.”

Hannah also went to breakout sessions in Discipleship and Church Planting, which she really enjoyed. She advises anybody considering attending a Connect event to do it. She says you have “nothing to lose” by coming to Connect.

“I’ve been with a previous mission organization, and they were really great. But the nice thing about having this Connect event is that it allows you to check out the organization before having to go through the whole application process, which is a really big commitment. Those are some of the things that I wish I would have had with my other organization—knowing some of those things ahead of time.”

She also enjoyed meeting the SIM USA staff in person at Connect rather than just looking at the website or meeting them over Zoom.

“It’s a really valuable experience that they offer to meet people in person. You don’t get the same sense, necessarily, when you meet people over Zoom, or when you’re just checking out somebody’s website. I’m really grateful for that opportunity,” she said.

Hannah also feels Connect allows you to learn more about a mission lifestyle before committing to anything.

“It’s really helpful in getting to know not just the organization but also the things you have to consider and think about when you want to become a missionary. There’s a lot of misconceptions out there, so if somebody doesn’t know anything about what missionary life looks like, this is really helpful,” she said. “Especially for things like prayer support and support raising—all of those things that people might not think about. What does it look like to live overseas? What things might you have to give up? What things might you need to change your perspective on? I think that it’s really helpful for anybody who is considering not just SIM, but missions in general.”

Hannah is currently in the middle of the SIM application process. She recently completed her psychological exam and will have an interview soon. She hopes to complete the application this summer.

“In my visit, I was able to see that SIM is passionate about the gospel and committed to making disciples of Jesus, grounded in biblical truth. I saw that SIM is prayerfully Spirit-led and seeks to care for its staff well,” Hannah said. “I’m really thankful that SIM offers these Connect events.”

*Names have been changed for the privacy and safety of our workers, ministry partners and those we serve.

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