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It’s been a joy to walk with you through Scripture over the last few months. We pray the Lord continues to draw near to your heart as you seek Him.

Please enjoy this final message from Chris, reflecting on the lessons Jesus leaves us with and closing our time in Luke.


As we conclude our devotional series, let’s reflect on the key points we’ve journeyed through in our walk with Jesus towards Jerusalem. We learned that He would have us show mercy instead of judgment to those who reject us. We explored the absolute and undistracted commitment Jesus demands from His followers, serving as an acute reminder that a walk with Him takes precedence above all else. We grappled with our own insufficiencies, discovering the transformative power in recognizing our own limitations and depending upon Jesus to supply all that we need to accomplish the mission. We also explored the pure joy that arises not from our own capabilities or achievements, but securely rooted in the eternal salvation Jesus offers us through His work on the cross. Unifying these profound truths about what it means to be a disciple is the uniqueness of Jesus Himself, and as we now turn our attention to Luke 10:21-24, we’ll investigate this unparalleled relationship Jesus has with the Father – an intimacy He alone holds and reveals to the humble.

In the previous passage, the disciples returned from their mission. As they marvel at the authority that Jesus has over the demons, He tells them what is happening behind the scenes: Satan is being defeated as the kingdom draws near in Jesus. “In that same hour” Jesus expresses deep joy in the Holy Spirit that the Father has chosen to reveal such profound spiritual truths to the humble, and not to those who already consider themselves to be wise and full of understanding.

As Jesus continues His prayer of gratitude, three profound truths unfold: the Father’s bestowal of all authority on Jesus, the unique relationship the Father has with the Son, and the revelation of the Father through Jesus alone. These revelations underscore the significance of Jesus’ identity as the unique Son of God and the exclusive mediator to the Father. Throughout history, there have been many monarchs, gurus, mentors, experts, and leaders of all kinds. But, Jesus stands alone as the Son of God. He is not one among the others; He is the One above all others.! To the wise, it may seem like His disciples have abandoned all other allegiances to follow a rabbi on a foolish path of suffering and rejection. But to His humble followers, this journey is the way of salvation, full of exceeding joy in Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God.

After Jesus concludes His prayer, He draws the disciples into His rejoicing by instilling in them an awareness of the extraordinary chapter of history that was unfolding before them. Prophets and kings had longed to witness those very days. This long-awaited blessing extends beyond the confines of time, reaching all who embark on the journey of discipleship with Jesus. Our joy deepens, not because of our successes, wisdom, or authority, but because Jesus has revealed the Father to us. Our names are forever written in heaven because Jesus determined to go Jerusalem, making a way of salvation through His death on a cross. In this New Year, let’s commit to following Him more closely. And, together, let’s fervently pray for more disciples to carry this good news across the globe, to those who still have not heard or seen the only One who can reveal the Father. 

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