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Questions about Global Missions?


Because we are convinced that no one should live and die without hearing the gospel, we desire to see a witness to Christ’s love where he is not known, disciples of Jesus expressing God’s love in their communities, and Christ-centered churches among all people groups in the vast region.


  • encouraging and equipping women who have experienced trauma
  • leadership and bible training for pastors and lay leaders
  • primary education
  • youth discipleship
  • outreach by meeting practical needs with compassion in remote areas
  • friendship evangelism
  • sports club outreach

Communities Where He Is Least Known

Muslim communities

Central Asia is home to nearly 73 million people from a wide diversity of cultures and lifestyles. Within this region are dozens of communities where less than 0.5 per cent of the people know the Lord. The disintegration of the Soviet Union opened new opportunities for ministry in Central Asia. Islam has become the dominant and fastest-growing religion in this region. Amid opposition from their communities and governments, God is at work in the lives of Central Asians, breathing a young but vibrant indigenous church into existence. Central Asian believers desperately need workers to come alongside them to reach those who have not heard the gospel.

Rural people of Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan, there is a long history of passing stories down to younger generations. As a nomadic people moving with their herds throughout the region’s mountains and valleys, storytelling was very important for sharing their people’s history and for entertainment in their yurts in the evenings. Stories based on a historical king in the region far surpass all others and were eventually compiled into a poem. This story is so important to the culture that many people study the poem their entire lives and children are expected to memorize and recite segments of the poem. Our workers are learning the language of this people group so that they can share the story of Christ our King with friends.

prayer points


Workers to come who are humble, teachable and love God and people


Relationships with local leaders as we explore suitable opportunities to serve with them


Disciple-making efforts among Muslim background believers


The spiritual growth of new believers, especially those who live alone in Muslim communities


Theological resources to become accessible to local leaders and congregations

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