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Trauma HealingTreating the Wounds of the Heart Earthquakes. War. Famine. Disease. All these things, and more, cause physical devastation and agony. But they also leave behind emotional wounds which can take the longest to heal. After a trauma has passed, people may still spend their lives trapped in fear and grief. And the children, who often can’t understand what has happened, are the most vulnerable victims. The Trauma Healing ministry brings God’s healing to those devastated by trauma. Through Scripture, they’re taught to move toward God with their pain and bring it to the cross. There they receive God’s healing—and learn to extend that healing to others. YOUR GIFT today will help bring healing and comfort to trauma victims worldwide.   // left: 37, up: 38, right: 39, down: 40, // spacebar: 32, pageup: 33, pagedown: 34, end: 35, home: 36 var keys = {37: 1, 38: 1, 39: 1, ... Read More

Neil & Sarah Sandoz (Kenya/South Sudan)

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Praise that the Sandozes are now back in Kenya from language study in North Africa and have begun Arabic lessons with a South Sudanese friend. Praise for Neil’s opportunity to help with a video project for an organization ministering to teenage girls in the slums. Pray that he can help aspiring film makers learn and use their skills for the Lord. Praise that Sarah had an opportunity to attend training on Psychological First Aid to help South Sudanese people and teammates after traumatic events. Pray as they plan to visit Doro, South Sudan, soon.

My Story: Cries of the Heart

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Loud wails rose into the office at Redlight Greenlight from the girls’ residence two stories below. I ran down the uneven stairs to find Manisha trying to force the door open. She was crying, “I want to go home! I want to go home!” Though she was taller and much stronger than me, the look on her face reminded me of a three-year-old, lost and wailing for her mother. Manisha’s wailing soon turned into banging her head against the wall. One of our caregivers appeared, whispered something into her ear, and gently moved her away from both the door and the wall. Her cries continued. This became a pattern with Manisha. She had been with us for almost a year, but her agitation – related to manic depression – suddenly escalated. Her outbursts were causing Redlight Greenlight to become emotionally and physically unsafe for the other girls. She would now … Read More

Dick & Sara Hart (Bolivia)

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Praise for a time of vacation that the Harts had, which included taking a tour of the Holy Land. Pray for Sara as she works along with others, including the local Bible Society, to adapt the Trauma Healing course materials for Bolivia. Pray also for her as she carries out her role as a Child Safety Advocate for SIM Bolivia, helping fellow SIM missionaries to apply mission policies to their daily life and work. Pray also for Dick who serves on a committee that is now offering a 15-week Perspectives missions course in several Bolivian cities. Pray for Dick who is one of the instructors of the course in Cochabamba.

Mark & Stacy Conard (USA)

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Praise for the many opportunities Mark and Stacy have for chaplaincy ministry to missionaries via skype and phone calls, hosting them in their home when they are on home assignment, and traveling for overseas assignments. Pray for missionaries needing and desiring counseling, lacking funds for a needed family or marriage retreat or because of suffering from a medical condition. Pray for discernment and wisdom in responding to these crises. Pray for Mark as he visits the SIM teams in Malawi July 20 to August 2, then Switzerland and Kenya in September. Pray also for Stacey leading a Trauma Healing Equipping session September 18-22.

Bill & Lorraine Foute (USA)

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Praise for the trauma healing ministry the Foutes have, and for the healing groups going on in Bahrain and Bolivia led by people they have trained. Pray for them as they begin planning to return to Bahrain to facilitate an advanced training. Pray also for them as they are in Guatemala June 28-July 7. Pray that God will bring healing to a group of church elders and their wives who will be attending their trauma healing workshop. Pray that they can also be an encouragement to some Guatemalan friends while there.

Stephanie Cox (Kenya)

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Praise that the Audiology Clinic at Kijabe Hospial has fit 30 patients with hearing aids since February. Pray for the Newborn Hearing Screening program, since early identification of hearing loss is so important. Pray for logistics and staffing, since about 2,400 babies per year will need to be screened. Pray for Stephanie’s new responsibilities to lead the physical/occupational therapy, audiology, speech therapy and dental departments at the hospital for six weeks now and for a year beginning in August. Pray as well as she prepares to help facilitate a trauma healing workshop for parents of children with disabilities in June.

Being one in a million: hope through occupational therapy in Niger

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By: John Stuart Amir first came to Galmi Hospital after suffering a major electrocution injury – while surgeons were able to save his feet, both his hands were amputated. Amir was crushed. But Deb Knight never gave up on Amir. She knew what was possible for him. Deb is one in a million, and then some. She is the occupational therapist (OT) at SIM’s Galmi Hospital in Niger since 2011 and is the only practicing OT in a country of 17 million. In a country with so few medical personnel, Deb immediately saw the need for training in OT skills. “Once our patients finish in the hospital there’s really nothing for them for occupational therapy,” Deb says. “Niger is so big and people come from so far away and they lack some cultural understanding and exposure to occupational therapy as a norm of healthcare. So getting our patients to come … Read More