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Trauma HealingTreating the Wounds of the Heart Earthquakes. War. Famine. Disease. All these things, and more, cause physical devastation and agony. But they also leave behind emotional wounds which can take the longest to heal. After a trauma has passed, people may still spend their lives trapped in fear and grief. And the children, who often can’t understand what has happened, are the most vulnerable victims. The Trauma Healing ministry brings God’s healing to those devastated by trauma. Through Scripture, they’re taught to move toward God with their pain and bring it to the cross. There they receive God’s healing—and learn to extend that healing to others. YOUR GIFT today will help bring healing and comfort to trauma victims worldwide.   // left: 37, up: 38, right: 39, down: 40, // spacebar: 32, pageup: 33, pagedown: 34, end: 35, home: 36 var keys = {37: 1, 38: 1, 39: 1, ... Read More

Stephanie Cox (Kenya)

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Praise that the Audiology Clinic at Kijabe Hospial has fit 30 patients with hearing aids since February. Pray for the Newborn Hearing Screening program, since early identification of hearing loss is so important. Pray for logistics and staffing, since about 2,400 babies per year will need to be screened. Pray for Stephanie’s new responsibilities to lead the physical/occupational therapy, audiology, speech therapy and dental departments at the hospital for six weeks now and for a year beginning in August. Pray as well as she prepares to help facilitate a trauma healing workshop for parents of children with disabilities in June.

Being one in a million: hope through occupational therapy in Niger

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By: John Stuart Amir first came to Galmi Hospital after suffering a major electrocution injury – while surgeons were able to save his feet, both his hands were amputated. Amir was crushed. But Deb Knight never gave up on Amir. She knew what was possible for him. Deb is one in a million, and then some. She is the occupational therapist (OT) at SIM’s Galmi Hospital in Niger since 2011 and is the only practicing OT in a country of 17 million. In a country with so few medical personnel, Deb immediately saw the need for training in OT skills. “Once our patients finish in the hospital there’s really nothing for them for occupational therapy,” Deb says. “Niger is so big and people come from so far away and they lack some cultural understanding and exposure to occupational therapy as a norm of healthcare. So getting our patients to come … Read More

Luke & Priscilla Lundstedt (Bolivia)

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Praise for a good home assignment in Australia (Priscilla’s home), for a new partner church in Sydney, and for a safe return to Bolivia. Praise also for the week-long trauma healing workshop Priscilla attended where she was trained to lead healing groups with people who have suffered emotional trauma. Pray for wisdom in how to utilize this training. Praise for a young man who has recently joined the team to work with Chiquitano (tribal) youth who come to study at the university but often lose their way in the big city. Pray for him as he adjusts to a new culture and ministry.

Michael & Kelly Reeves (Ecuador)

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Praise for progress addressing sexual purity from a biblical perspective with the youth in a country where sexualized media is ever increasing. Pray for Kelly as she takes on the Personnel Coordinator job for SIM Ecuador. Pray for the Trauma Healing group the Reeves are leading at their church, and for the upcoming ones in other places. Pray for wisdom as they lead El Sendero ministries, and for guidance as they plan events for the coming months with their team. Pray also for them as they begin to plan for their home assignment to rest, receive additional training, and raise additional support.

Jean Baumbach (Niger)

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Praise for the opportunity Jean had to attend a trauma healing workshop recently and for what she learned there. Praise also that the audio recording of the New Testament in Fulfulde is now available. Praise that the Seed Company (associated with Wycliffs) has approved their request for funding for the Old Testament project. Pray for Jean as she travels to the US for an eight-month home assignment, beginning in May, and pray for good internet connections and communication with her team in Niger during that time.

Ray & Jayne Hutchison (SIM USA Regional Director)

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Praise for new recruits the Lord is bringing to SIM and for the interest schools and organizations are showing to partner with the mission. Pray that there will be even greater collaboration between SIM and various Christian organizations and universities. Praise also for opening doors in trauma and racial healing. Pray for effective ministry resulting from the roll-out of the trauma healing materials in Mandarin, and for rich fruit as Ray continues with this type of ministry. Pray also for increased financial support for the Hutchisons.

Persevering through Pain

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ELWA Hospital shines a light of hope in Liberia The Ebola epidemic was devastating for Liberia, which was still rebuilding after a civil war. But as always, God brings redemption out of disaster. Samaritan’s Purse had partnered with ELWA Hospital to provide funds for a brand-new medical facility. The new hospital, dedicated in the fall of 2016, will enable ELWA’s dedicated staff to provide quality compassionate care for more patients. Nancy Writebol: Sharing hope in the midst of suffering Nancy Writebol has seen the effects of Ebola up close. And as she served the victims of Ebola as a nurse at ELWA Hospital, Nancy contracted the disease herself. The experience only strengthened her faith in God’s redeeming power. “I am thankful for His grace that carries us and is extended to us each and every day,” she says. Now Nancy attends to the ongoing needs of Liberians who were affected … Read More