Thank you for considering a donation in support of SIM’s workers and ministries around the world. Below are the various ways you can make a tax-deductible, financial gift to SIM. However you prefer to give, we are grateful for your partnership in bringing the good news to hard places.


SIM USA Giving Online

We’re pleased to introduce our new online giving experience! This simplified form provides an easier and faster way to give securely to SIM’s workers, projects, gift catalogs, or where needed most.


To give by mail, select the appropriate form below to support a SIM worker or project.

SIM Worker Giving Form

Project Giving Form


Are you interested in giving to the Lord’s work through your Individual Retirement Account (IRA)? If so, your consideration of giving to the ministries of SIM USA would be greatly appreciated.

Beginning at the age of 72, you can send a gift from your IRA without paying income tax on the withdrawal. There are several benefits to using your retirement account to send gifts.

• You can help satisfy your IRS minimum distribution requirement at 70 ½.
• You can avoid taxes on gifts transferred from your IRA – for amounts up to $100,000.
• You can reduce your taxable income, even without itemization.
• Your gift will further the Lord’s ministry through SIM and can be directed to a worker, project or to where needed most.


How an IRA Charitable Rollover Works

Contact your IRA administrator and ask them to send a gift from your IRA account to: SIM USA, 14830 Choate Circle, Charlotte, NC  28273-9105. Ask them to include your full name and address, along with the designation of your gift. Tell them to specify that the gift is from your IRA account. Note:  some administrators do not send information with the gift. If not, just give us a call at 704-588-4300 or email us at

You will not receive a tax receipt from SIM USA; instead, you will receive a letter of acknowledgement for your records.

This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor for additional information or further explanation of the details described above.


Appreciated securities are stocks or bonds that have been held for a year or more. These investments have gained value over time since their initial purchase. Your appreciated securities can be given as tax-deductible donations to SIM. Could your investments be used to make an even bigger investment in God’s Kingdom?

The process of transferring ownership of a stock or bond is relatively simple, but we’ve put together this quick step-by-step guide to help you through the process. Please contact us if you have any questions.

I have the certificate

If the certificate is registered in your name:

  1. Sign the back of the certificate as it appears on the front. Be sure to have the signatures on the stock certificate “signature guaranteed”.
  2. Mail in a secure form to E*Trade Securities LLC (address below). If you do not wish to sign the back of the certificate then you can print a Stock or Bond Power of Attorney form. You will need to fill this out and return it in a separate envelope.
  3. Prepare a letter stating that they you are donating the stock to SIM and relinquishing their your rights to it. This letter will need to be notarized and mailed in a secure form to E*Trade Securities LLC.
  4. Download a sample Letter of Authorization. You will need to include the following:
    • Account name: SIM USA, Inc.
    • Account #: 55563273
    • DTC #: 0385
    • SIM’s Tax ID number 22-1936391
  5. Click here to send us the details about your donation. You must complete this form to receive a Letter of Receipt and IRS from 8283 for your donation.

We work with:

E*Trade Securities LLC
Harborside Financial Center
501 Plaza 2
34 Exchange Place
Jersey City, NJ 07311
Phone: 1-800-387-2331
Account #: 55563273
DTC#: 0385
Account Name: SIM USA, Inc.

If the ownership of the certificate has been put in the name of SIM:

  1. Do not sign the back.
  2. Prepare a letter stating that you are donating the stock to SIM USA, Inc. and relinquishing your rights. Have this letter notarized.
  3. Send this letter with the certificate, in a separate envelope, with your name, address, telephone number or email address and designation information for donation. Overnight to:

Attention Stewardship Department
14830 Choate Circle
Charlotte, NC 28273

The shares are held at a brokerage firm

  1. Contact your brokerage firm and give them the following information to transfer your securities.
    • Account name: SIM USA, Inc.
    • Account #: 55563273
    • DTC #: 0385
    • SIM’s Tax ID number 22-1936391
  2. Click here to send us the details about your donation. You must complete this form to receive a Letter of Receipt and IRS form 8283 for your donation.


In planning, you have the opportunity to leave a legacy. A legacy gift is a wonderful way to support SIM USA and have a lasting impact of sharing the gospel around the world. There are many different charitable giving techniques that can be explored.


SIM now accepts Bitcoin donations through BitPay. Once we receive your Bitcoin donation, we will send an acknowledgment for your tax records. Contributions are deductible as allowable under IRS regulations. Bitcoins are considered gifts-in-kind. SIM USA will not report value, which is standard practice for gifts-in-kind. Please consult your tax advisor for deductibility and record keeping. If you have questions, please email Kelly Bivins, Stewardship Financial Director, at