Jargal was in trouble. He was in debt, and prison loomed in his future. He used to be able to drink his problems away, but even alcohol couldn’t make him feel better. He decided to end it all. He wrote his will, put his knife beside him, and took one last drink to boost his courage to commit suicide. His plan failed…


Jargal’s last drink knocked him out completely, and his wife discovered him before he could carry out his plan. A month later, his younger sister persuaded him to go to church with her. There, he put His trust in Jesus and committed to following Him. He began attending an addiction recovery ministry run by SIM workers.

It’s been 10 years now, and Jargal has not relapsed. He says, “The day I accepted Christ, I felt peace and joy that I’ve never felt before. I know God created me and restored my health. God is also helping me persevere during my recovery.”

Now, Jargal helps others who are like him. “It is a great pleasure to bring good news of hope and recovery to the incarcerated and those addicted to alcohol. When I share with them that I was once like them, I often see they desire to change as well. It has been wonderful to see people’s lives being transformed. I am doing all I can to maintain my recovery and stay right with God, because I want to be an example to others.

“Whenever I look back at the past, I can hardly believe where I have been, and I am grateful to God for turning my life around. I know where I am heading, and whose child I am. I choose to follow God, and doing his will has guided me every day in ever matter. Today, I live in freedom, joy, hope, and peace.”


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