We desire to see people from all backgrounds loving their creator with all their hearts, loving their neighbours as themselves, and forming into loving communities.


SIM India sees the Kingdom of God extending beyond all barriers—religious, cultural, and social—as we partner with Indian ministries, prepare leaders through training and resources, address issues of social injustice, and guide new believers into communities of faith.


By faith, we see vibrant, healthy, and reproducing churches, growing in communities where Christ is least known and crossing ethnicities, languages and hierarchy to worship Jesus together in Myanmar communities.


SIM Nepal exists to glorify God together by partnering with and empowering local churches, organizations, and communities through diverse ministries.


By faith we look to God to see strong Punjabi and other ethnic churches actively established and sacrificially involved in missions within Pakistan and beyond.

Sri Lanka

Our vision is to see communities transformed by the gospel and empowered in society.

Serve with SIM in South Asia

We serve in many other countries and communities not featured here. To learn more about other locations and ways in which we serve throughout South Asia, please contact us.